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In fact, FPS is always necessary when you play any online game. Call of Duty Mobile has been on the market for a while, it has created a craze until now. But sometimes gamers have a lot of difficulties like lag, which happens when the game needs more resources from VGA and GPU.

In this article, Taimienphi will guide you to install graphics, reduce lag in Call of Duty Mobile game, optimize the best, these settings will definitely fix the status problems that most people have. It feels uncomfortable to use.

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Settings to avoid lag, increase FPS

Best graphics settings for Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Reduce the quality of the graphics.
This option is made to control the overall graphics of the game. If your device does not have a high-speed GPU, you should keep this setting to Low.
– Graphic Quality: Low

2. Frame rate.
How well your game will run depends on the FPS. The higher the FPS rate, the better the gaming experience. However, most devices are only capable of running Max 60FPS games.
– Frame Rate: Very High (Switch to High if FPS fluctuates).

3. Depth of Field.
The game’s Depth of Field will let you see how far, visible in the frame (wider view). As for this setting, Taimienphi recommends enabling them.
– Depth of Field: Enable

4. Anti Aliasing.
Anti Aliasing makes edges smoother and sharper. It does not need to be activated. If this option is disabled, the frame will become more perfect.
– Anti Aliasing: Disable

5. Bloom.
This option controls lighting effects such as sun, flames… all related to smoke and explosion effects. It doesn’t have to be on because there are no special features or effects.
– Bloom: Disable

Not only is it important to set the graphics reduction to avoid lag, you also need to consider whether the phone you are using can meet the requirements. Call Of Duty Mobile game configuration or not. For Android, the hardware system requirements will be a bit higher than iOS, so pay special attention.

Link to download Call of Duty Mobile game.

Since its launch in early October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile has continuously broken many records in the world. Up to now, Call of Duty Mobile has reached 300 million downloads in just 1 month. If you love FPS games, download Call of Duty Mobile by following the link below.
– Link to download Android version: Call of Duty Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Call of Duty Mobile for iPhone

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