How to make standard Youtube videos?

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You want to become a “famous” Youtuber to satisfy your passion and increase your income but don’t know where to start? How to publish and post a Youtube video with attractive content and have a huge number of followers and subscribers? For details, please refer to the article below of on how to make a standard Youtube video.

How to make youtube videos?

How to make standard Youtube videos?

1. Plan your video

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Before starting to create a video on Youtube, you need to determine whether your video is intended to provide information, share experiences, or even entertain.

Next, you need to determine the audience your video is aimed at. You need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes to understand their needs and preferences.

Then, you just need to write down all the great ideas for video content and presentation and take it step-by-step. More importantly, please note the criteria of a video that is attractive and unique enough, such as sharp sound and visual effects to stimulate mouse clicks.

2. Know your audience well

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Your video content will determine the audience. Make sure your content is succinct and precise, as the viewer’s focus often doesn’t last long. Please note that the average length of YouTube videos is 4.4 minutes and videos longer than 15 minutes will be restricted from uploading if you are a new Youtuber.

3. Learn the fundamentals of creating a video

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By understanding the fundamentals of creating a video, you can drive traffic because you’ll know how to organize your video into a compelling story.

To improve the quality of your videos, you need to use a camera with a detachable lens instead of a smartphone with a photo function because the utility takes photos in low light conditions and allows you to be creative. in post-processing.

4. Perception of the meaning of sound

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Audio is considered the “soul” of the video because it is your main communication channel with the viewer. You are encouraged to use the microphone on your PC or Macbook. If you want to record audio directly into the camera, then instead of using a camera-mounted mic, use a shotgun microphone. This tool allows you to capture incoming sound from any direction.

If you want to do live video on your computer, you can use audio editing software to optimize the sound quality.

5. Learn and learn how to use video editing software

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Outstanding video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro allows you to reduce file size, create visual effects and edit audio allowing you to create a quality video, convenient to upload to Youtube without stuttering or stuttering.

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Above is information on how to make standard Youtube videos. Hope the above article by has provided you with useful information. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns that need to be answered, there are Tips for setting YouTube titles that pull viewers Readers can leave their opinions in the comment section below the article.
In addition to standard videos in regular formats, recently, Youtube also experimented with releasing short videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. To be able to experience the use, know how create Youtube Shorts videos basically, you can follow in our article content below.

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