How to make music videos with B612

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With lots of trendy effects, filters and stickers, B612 is a beautiful photo/video capture and editing application that is used by many people to capture interesting moments in life. Not only that, using the B612, you can also customize the video with music files, making it more vivid and attractive. How to make music videos with B612 below will help you understand and know how to use this feature on B612.

Not just for sharing selfies (selfie) with beautiful stickers, color filters, photo effects, B612 It also provides music video recording, music merge into video available on Android phones, iPhones. This feature allows users to remove the original sounds and add beautiful music, making your videos more beautiful, lively and attractive.

How to make a B612 music video

How to make music videos with B612, share tips to create music videos on attractive and lively B612.

Do you want to create music videos with your own personality and personal style? If so, please refer to the manual how to make music video with B612 down here.

How to make music videos with B612

1. How to create B612 music video from live video

Step 1: Open the B612 app on your phone. If you are using the old version of B612 or have not installed B612, you can download the latest version of B612 by following the link below.
– Load B612 for Android
– Load B612 for iPhone

Step 2: At the video recording interface on B612, you press “music” in the left corner of the screen.
Step 3: Next, the screen displays the music store available on the B612, you touch each song to listen. If you have selected a music file with a suitable melody, click “start shooting with music” to move to the next step.

I'm B612 Bang Bang Music Video

Step 4: Record a video with the selected background music. Here, you can also press the Sticker options (add stickers), filter (effects) into the newly created video. Finally, you press “done” to end video recording
Step 5: The entire music video recorded with the B612 will be displayed on the screen. you can watch it again, click the “download” button to download the video to your device. Alternatively, you can also click the “share” to share the newly created music video on MXH or press “back” to return to the music video recording step.

How to make music videos on B612

2. How to make a B612 music video from an existing video

Step 1: At the video recording interface B612, you press “edit
Step 2: The screen shows all photo/video albums available on your device. You click on the video you want to add music.

How to make music videos on B612

Step 3: At the video editing interface, click on the music icon at the bottom, then choose to listen to the songs available in the B612’s music store. Once you find your favorite song, click “use this music
Step 4: The video is displayed with the background music of the selected song. Here, you can also continue to edit videos with color filters, effects,…, on the B612. Finally, you can press “save” to save the edited video or press “load” to video on the device.

record music video on B612

Thus, has shared with you in detail how to create music videos with B612, how to record videos with music, combine music on B612 from Android phones, iPhones. Apply the tips and tricks for making B612 music videos in this article and create impressive and attractive videos of your own.
In addition, if you have many beautiful photos on your phone and want to combine, create videos and transmit interesting content, you can refer to this article. how to create video from photos on B612 us to know how.

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