How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

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The more you play Minecraft, the more you feel interesting and want to explore. When playing the game Minecrat you can manufacturing all kinds of tools, fabricate weapons as well as making vehicles to move in the game is easy. So you already know how to craft vehicles in Minecraft game yet? So invite you to refer to the article below to understand the effects, the formula for making vehicles as well as detailed instruction videos for each type in the Minecraft game.

Guide to crafting vehicles in Minecraft

1. Rail (Track):

Tracks are responsible for guiding the way for the mine to run, the main materials for making the rails are wooden sticks and ingots.

Rail fabrication formula:

  • 1 wooden stick.
  • 6 iron bars.

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

2. Powered rail:

Energy rails are used to accelerate or brake for mines, the main raw materials to create rails are wooden sticks, bullion and red stone.

Formula for energy rails:

  • 1 wooden stick.
  • 6 gold bars.
  • 1 red stone.

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Video for making energy rails:

3. Detector rail:

Detecting rails act like pressure plates, they emit a red rock signal when powered up but only the mine car can activate. The main raw materials for the detection track are ingot iron, red stone, and parchment.

Fabrication of detection rails:

  • 1 iron ingot.
  • 1 red stone.
  • 1 parchment plate.

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

Video detection rails:

4. Activator rail:

The trigger rail is used to activate the mines that carry explosives, the main materials for creating the trigger rail are ingot iron, wooden sticks and red stone torches.

Formula for making activated rails:

  • 6 iron bars.
  • 2 wooden sticks.
  • 1 red stone torch.

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Video for fabrication of trigger rails:

5. Mining vehicle (Minecart):

Mining vehicle used to transport players or mods on rails, the main material to create the mine truck is iron ingots.

Mining vehicle formula:

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

Mining vehicle video:

6. Furnace mine truck (Powered Minecart):

The kiln truck is used to propel another mine vehicle by using fuels such as coal or wood products. The raw materials for making the kiln truck are the kiln and the mine truck.

Formula for manufacturing mine truck for kiln:

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

Video manufacturing mine truck to carry kiln:

7. Storage Minecart:

Mine truck used to carry goods on rails, raw materials to build mine truck to carry chest are chests and mine vehicles.

Formula for making mine truck to carry chest:

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8. Explosive mine truck (Minecart with TNT):

Explosive mine trucks are used to create explosions without people inside. The materials used to create mines carrying explosives are mines and explosives.

Formula for manufacturing mine truck carrying explosives:

  • 1 dynamite.
  • 1 mine car.

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

Video production of mine trucks carrying explosives:

9. Minecart with hopper:

The hopper cart is used to suck objects on the rails and in the upper storage containers or to transport them to another container. The raw materials for manufacturing the hopper truck are the mine truck and the hopper.

Formula for manufacturing hopper truck:

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Video of construction of a hopper truck:

10. Boat:

Boats are used to circulate in the water faster than swimming, and the raw material for making boats is for boarding.

Boat manufacturing formula:

How to make vehicles in the game Minecraft

Video of boat construction:

Now, you can quickly create the rails as well as the vehicles you want to move, freely express your personality in this extremely interesting Minecraft world. Not only that, when playing Minecraft you can unleash Farm construction according to my own preferences too!

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