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Among Us quickly became a global phenomenon. More and more people are downloading Among Us to play in free time because this is really a fascinating and challenging entertainment game for the brain.

Among Us's name is good

Among Us rules Maybe it reminds you of the game Werewolf. You need to play one of two roles: An impostor or an astronaut. While everyone was fixing the ship, no one could talk to protect their identity. When a body is found, the survivors will open a debate about who is impersonating the astronaut. The impostor’s goal was to pretend to be a team member and kill the crew. If the perpetrator is not found, people will continue to work until another corpse is found. If the culprit is found and all impostors are expelled from the ship, the astronaut team will win and vice versa.

Sounds interesting, right? Among Us not only has attractive gameplay, Among Us also provides a convenient control mechanism with some interesting customizations, including a nickname.

However, some players said the interface Among Us is a bit lacking in visualization, making them not know how to change the name. If you are also in this situation, don’t be afraid to consult how to change your name while playing Among Us down here. The steps are all simple and super easy to follow.

How to change the name in the game Among Us

1. Open the main menu and click Online or Local.

Among Us game interface

2. Click the name at the top of the screen (GamerJourn).

Click the game name Among Us

3. Enter the new name you want in the box.

Change your name in the game Among Us

It’s done. Only 3 easy steps and you can change the default name with the name you want. It’s great to have a unique name when playing Among Us, isn’t it?

If you do not know how to conquer this game, you can refer to instructions to play Among Us:

Suggest some good names Among Us

Humorous content

Putting a funny name can make the fun of Among Us more fun. Imagine if a YourEx – Your ex is eliminated or YourWife – Your wife is not an impostor? Think of the names that make up a sentence, for example:

  • YourEx
  • YoMama
  • YourWife
  • IWasNot
  • YouSillyFool
  • HeySuckerI
  • ThisOne
  • NoOne
  • DearFoolI
  • RuAmongUs
  • TheDoctor

Suspicious name

Among Us game itself is full of skepticism, so the more you name it innocently, the more likely you are to be suspicious. So, do not hesitate to name Among Us suspicious or self-identified as an astronaut to hide his true identity. For example:

  • Crewmate5
  • Anonymous
  • Bot2
  • IamInJail
  • FakeUser
  • AmongRejects
  • Innocent
  • IVoted
  • YellowHater
  • YourFriend

Character’s name

This is also a good way to name Among Us. Think of your idol or a character in a movie that you love, maybe meeting an ally with similar interests when playing this game. For example:

  • MrsDoubtfire
  • MichaelScott
  • KakashiSensei
  • ThePretender
  • LukesFather
  • TheDevil
  • Lo-Key
  • HungryHannibal
  • SmoothCriminal

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