How to make Iron Golem in Minecraft

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in the game MinecraftIron Golem also known as iron man, iron golem is a powerful and tall mob used to protect players and villagers. However, creating them is not too difficult because in this article, will show you 2 ways to make Iron Golem in Minecraft.

As one of the titles sandbox game world’s most popular, Minecraft allows players to build their own world with any structure they can think of. Besides construction, players also need to pay attention to protecting their creative products from bad guys and Iron Golem nice Iron Golems is one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft that many players use for this purpose.

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Minecraft instructions for making Iron Golem

In addition to providing you with how to make Iron Golem step by step, also shares Minecraft cheat codes simplifies this process.

What is I – Iron Golem in Minecraft?

When it comes to useful mobs in Minecraft, the two most popular types of Golems are Snow Golem and Iron Golem. Both can be used to protect the player’s home and village from attacks.

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Although you can naturally summon Golems inside the village, the chances of finding them are very low. Because of work crafting in Minecraft especially the Iron Golem in Minecraft is not too complicated, so you can do it yourself with the instructions presented below.

II – How to make Iron Golem in Minecraft

1. Create 4 iron blocks
The process of making Iron Golem requires 4 iron blocks. That means you need 36 iron ingots on the crafting table.

2. Collect pumpkins
Another ingredient for creating Iron Golems in Minecraft is pumpkins. This item can be found on empty lawns. While pumpkins are likely to appear in swamp biomes, plains biomes, or hill biomes, you might consider growing your own pumpkin field with just one pumpkin. Just take the pumpkin seeds and plant them on blocks of soil.

3. Choose a crafting space
To prepare for the Iron Golem crafting, make sure you go to a spacious clearing that is at least 3×3 in size. The larger the space, the easier it is for the Golem to spawn. Don’t forget to stay away from tall grass and trees.

4. Crafting Iron Golem’s Body thân
Set the 4 iron blocks you created in step 1 into a T shape (2 blocks stacked into columns and the other 2 on either side of the top block).

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5. Crafting the Iron Golem’s Head
Complete the Iron Golem’s head with the pumpkin you’ve collected by placing it on top of the T-shaped body and watching the Iron Golem form.

Please note that the Iron Golem creation trick applies in all versions of Minecraft. If it doesn’t work in the version you are playing, please update to the latest version of Minecraft from the app store and try again.

You can watch the video below to better understand how to make Iron Golem in Minecraft:

III – Crafting Iron Golems in Minecraft with cheat codes

In addition to collecting materials and crafting your own Iron Golem, you can also use Iron Golem cheat codes to make the process easier. Here is how to create Iron Golem in Minecraft with cheat codes for all versions that you may need to know:

Minecraft Iron Golem cheat code Java Edition: / summon VillagerGolem
Minecraft Iron Golem cheat code for PR / Win10 / Xbox / PS and others: / summon iron_golem

Here’s how to apply the code:

– Find an open space in your area.
– Open the game’s chat window.
– Enter the command.
– Look around you to see if any new Iron Golems appear.

how to make iron golem in minecraft

If you have not downloaded Minecraft or deleted the game, you can download it again here:

=> Link Download Minecraft for Windows
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=> Link Download Minecraft For Xbox One
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=> Link Download Minecraft for iOS
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=> Link download Minecraft for Android
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Above are the 2 most popular methods to create Iron Golem in Minecraft. You can follow the steps shared above to create your own iron man or use cheat codes to spawn Iron Golem in a jiffy. Anyway, it will be more interesting and wonderful to see everything collected and built with one’s own hands.
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