Dragon Mark: Guide to unlocked Silver

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The Dragon Mark role-playing game is really having great attraction, on the official launch day, thousands of attractive gift codes have been given to gamers. and quickly climbed to the top 1 of the App Store and Google Play of the popular Vietnamese game.

Besides loading Dragon Seal game card to own Silver Lock, we also have many different ways to earn Silver Lock. However, if you want to own Silver Lock for free, gamers need to work hard on their tasks and do not forget to hit auto to make Silver Lock easier.

How to earn Silver Lock when playing Dragon Seal game

Accept the trade association mission

You will have to complete a series of merchant quests such as passing the death dungeon gate, completing Makai Hell, etc. by yourself.

Race Top diligent weekly

If your attendance score is 40 or above for the week you will have a chance to receive 100,000 Silver Keys for the first person.

Open the lucky bag

Don’t forget to open the lucky bag everyday, you can get 50 Silver Lock times.

Get Silver daily
Get Silver daily

Join the Death Tunnel

You will be able to join the Death Vault 2 times a day when you reach level 15 or above.

Selling low-index items

When you train monsters you can get low-index items, we should sell these items to earn Silver because when we reach a certain level we rarely use them.

Meet NPC Temujin to exchange Gold for Silver

When we meet NPC Temujin we can exchange Gold for Silver at different rates. 10 Gold can earn up to 45,000 Silver.

Equipment manufacturing

Starting from level 10, players can craft equipment, through the items – materials you have, you will craft rare items and exchange with other gamers.

Direct transaction

It is possible to trade directly with other players for a fee of 1%.

Direct transaction
Direct transaction

Is the ultimate damage dealer

Be the last to deal damage to receive rare items.

Selling items on the market

You will be free to buy and sell freely on the market to receive money or items at a quite bargain price.

Currency exchange with other players

Currency exchange with other players will be easier to earn Key Silver and cheaper than depositing or exchanging for Gold.

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