How to earn diamonds in Minecraft effectively

Diamonds are always precious, even in real life or in any game. And in Minecraft No exception, diamonds are extremely rare but have many practical uses. To get shiny, shiny diamonds you need to go mining in diamond mines, which cannot be crafted.

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So how to find diamonds in Minecraft here? There are many gamers complaining that they are everywhere, but can not find any diamonds, perhaps you have not found the right way or do not know how to find it. So please refer to the article below to know how to find precious diamonds!

Diamond diggers in Minecraft

Before starting your journey to find sparkling diamonds, you need to prepare tools to dig for diamonds. Note that the wood cup, stone cup and gold cup are not durable enough to dig a diamond, so you must prepare a iron cup or diamond cup. Here we will guide you how to fabricate each type:

How to make the iron cup:

To make a steel cup you need to prepare 2 wooden sticks and 3 iron bars. In addition, you can earn random iron pickaxes in chests in abandoned mines, mysterious fortresses or at the blacksmith’s house in the village or can trade with blacksmiths.

Formula for making iron cup

How to make the diamond cup:

Similar to iron trophy, to create a diamond trophy you need to prepare 2 wooden sticks and 3 diamonds. Diamond pickaxes can also be exchanged with smiths.

Formula for making diamond cup

Video instructions for making trophy (Pickaxes):

In addition, it is necessary to prepare more buckets of water to crush the lava (Lava) when necessary, the raw material for making the bucket is 3 iron bars:

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Recipe for making buckets of water

Video of making buckets (Bucket):

How to find diamonds in Minecraft effectively

Determine the exact location:

The diamond mine only appears between layers 1 – 16 and most often occurs on layer 12. So check the Y value on the map by pressing the key. F3, if using a Mac, press the key FN + F3 to know exactly which layer you are on. When you know exactly which layer you are on, it is easier to dig diamonds, avoid lava.

Determine exactly where the layer is standing

Cave discovery:

You take a tour to explore the cave system, sometimes encounter very large caves, but discover diamond mines very easily. At that time, you just have to exploit, but if there is too much lava, remember to bring a bucket of water to crush it.

Explore caves to find diamonds

Chests abandoned

You can find diamonds in abandoned chests, but depends on your luck too, because chests like these are rare.

Chests abandoned

Digging diamonds at an angle of 45 degrees:

It is best to dig at a 45-degree angle so that the back forms a staircase, each step will dig a block deeper than the previous block, so that when you want to return to the ground you just need to jump up the stairs. Digging this way will safely and effectively reach the lowest depth, never dig in a straight line.

Dig at a 45-degree angle to make it easier to climb

Branch digging:

The diamond digging by the branch method increases the training area, creating 2×2 tunnels. As a result, you will dig a lot of surface area, increasing your chances of finding diamond mines and other minerals without affecting the unnecessary blocks.

Digging diamonds according to the branch method

Digging in a box shape:

Dig a box around you and expand until you find diamonds and other minerals. However, finding diamonds this way is very time consuming. If you are determined to fight in this way for diamonds, you should also build a bed and other personal tools to rest.

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Digging diamonds in a box shape using the Strip method

Some tips to find diamonds in Minecraft effective

  • Always carry many torches in your diamond quest.
  • Check the surrounding blocks carefully to avoid being swallowed by the lava flows of the treasure and you too.
  • Calculate carefully to find a suitable digging method for each terrain.
  • Always carry a bucket of water to promptly cope with dangerous lava flows.
  • Note that there are no diamonds where lava is available, so don’t be confused.

So you already know how to make diamonds, right? Be patient and try hard to find you will earn precious diamonds for yourself. Also, please refer to how to go mine in Minecraft to earn some other valuable resources offline!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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