How to level up Affinity in BTS World

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When playing BTS World game, you have the ability to increase your Affinity (relationship, attraction) with each BTS member. In the game, there are different ways to level up your relationship not simply playing through the story, getting new Cards and completing Priority Schedules.

Affinity Level – The higher your affinity, the easier it will be for you to complete quests and overcome the game’s challenges. To help simplify this, we’ve put together some guides for the fastest relationship leveling in BTS World.

how to increase cap affinity in bts world

BTS World – Interactive game with BTS group members

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How to increase relationship in BTS world

The first question is what to do to increase the relationship level in BTS World? In BTS World, the relationship level closely resembles your social standing with each BTS member. The more you interact with each member of special Mobile Events (choose the correct response), the more your Affinity with them will increase.

To trigger Mobile Events, you can take one or more of the following actions.

– Play through the main story of BTS World.
– Complete Priority Schedule tasks.
– Efforts to open 3-star to 5-star cards.
– Complete part of your Photo Album.
– Reach certain milestones.

how to increase cap affinity in bts world 2

To check your Affinity level, go to Main menu, then tap your profile picture in the top left corner near your name. The menu opens, you will be able to see your current relationship level with each member. What is really great even if one of them is low, you can increase them by triggering Mobile Events through the actions listed above.

how to increase cap affinity in bts world 3

Priority Schedule tasks are timed events that you can assign to one of the members of the BTS. As a reward for completion, you will earn stats like Empathy or Stamina. You can view your Priority Schedules in the Agency tab. It costs Coins to assign tasks to a member, and members cannot do multiple tasks at the same time.

After completing a task, the member will be exhausted and you will need to give them a gift to replenish their energy if you want them to work on additional Priority Schedule tasks. Withdrawing 3-star and 5-star cards can also trigger Mobile Events. To do this, navigate to the Draw tab. You can use Gems or Coins to draw new Cards.

how to increase cap affinity in bts world 4

Draws are random and you’ll want to draw new Cards often, as the higher the Card stat, the easier it is to progress in the game. When you draw a Card, you’ll also start filling up your Photo Album collection. When you complete a photo portion of an Album, you can trigger Mobile Events.

Finally, as you work to increase Affinity with each member of BTS, you will reach certain milestones and they also trigger additional Mobile Events. The more you activate and complete those events, the more your relationship level will increase.
Now that you know how to level up your Affinity, your relationships in BTS World, they help you to complete your quests and develop your career with ease. In addition to playing BTS World on your phone, you can also play BTS World on PC with Bluestackspromises to bring many interesting experiences when playing directly on PC.

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