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Call of Duty Mobile provides the character class system from the original PC version for players, if you have not played Call of Duty before, here is a brief guide to the character class system included in Call of Duty Mobile and how you can take advantage of each of those classes.

If you are like me who have never played Call of Duty, this will be a whole new experience to get into the game, especially with the character class system. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile requires you to choose a character class while playing in multiplayer mode.

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Details of character classes in the game Call of Duty Mobile

1. Scout

As a scout, the player gains an ability to find the location of enemies in the vicinity. Players using Sensor Dart can let you instantly detect enemies in nearby areas near you. Scouts can also track the footprints of nearby enemies with their inherent tracking abilities.

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2. Clown

This class is nothing like the name suggests. In fact a Clown (clown), the player has a very special Zombie summoning power. With the toy bomb, a clown can summon zombies to protect him or her from nearby enemies. Zombies will attack enemies and give the player time to escape or run to safety. Clown can also limit the number of enemy zombies in their invasion area.

3. Mechanics

As the name suggests, Mechanic – A mechanic using all the great techniques in the team. The player can summon an EMP drone that causes interference, halting all electrical activity in the enemy team. In addition to EMP drones, a Mechanic can also use the Endineer ability which will give him/her visibility into enemy vehicles, traps, and other item setups.

4. Medic

As a Medic, the player is basically the one responsible for taking care of the team members. The healers have the ability to heal nearby players. In addition, the Medic heals himself faster than other players.

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5. Defenders

This class can deploy the transformed Transform Shield. Defenders has the ability to strengthen, increase resistance to Reinforced and minimize the amount of damage received except bullets.

6. Ninja

This is arguably the most agile class in Call of Duty Mobile, Ninja comes with a Grapple gun and fires a hook. Apparently, the hook could allow this class to move itself through buildings where the target is hiding or across complex terrain at high speed. Ninja can use Dead Silence ability to move silently, quietly close to the enemy, very convenient for assassination.

Each character class will have different roles in Call of Duty Mobile. This is a form taken from Apex Legends – Battle Royale, where players can have many different roles. COD Mobile also uses a similar character system as each class will have a similar special ability in regular modes.

The above are some of the character classes in the Call of Duty Mobile game, each class has its own unique skills and abilities to make the game more interesting, players can choose and play in their own style. only me. Use your abilities in each character class to win. If in the process of experiencing, encounter some errors, Call of Duty Mobile errordo not rush to delete the game but follow our way, to fix that situation permanently.
In addition, to play Call of Duty Mobile, not all devices can play it, see Call Of Duty Mobile game configuration here for more details.

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