The easiest way to insert links on Canva

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Putting a link on Canva will make it easier for users to click on additional information as well as annotate or explain a certain term on the website. Knowing how to insert links on Canva will make your Canva design more content than ever.

Inserting links on Canva will help users redirect to any website, saving time searching for content or searching website names. This is the way any Canva designer would use to tag something that already exists on the website.

how to insert link on canva

Tips for inserting links on Canva

The fastest guide to inserting links on Canva

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Access Canva => register/login to your account
Step 2: Tap the three dots and press the link icon and insert the link

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open a browser, visit the link Canva HERE
Step 2: Log in account Canvaif not already selected Register to create a new Canva account.

Reference: How to create a Canva account

dan chen link on the canva

Step 3: Open slide to insert link => click on three dots icon => choose link icon

how to insert link on canva on computer

Step 4: Paste link you want to insert into the cell => press Finished

how to insert link on canva on pc
Nowadays, inserting links on Canva is very popular and widely used by users, especially for Slides, inserting links into images with Canva makes it possible to create the main link of the image, captions for terms included in the image. photo,…. Besides you can also Upload photos to Canva to edit, design and create slides as needed.

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