PUBG updated two new machine guns with extremely fast speeds

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According to the publisher Bluehole revealed the latest information. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to have a new update, and most especially the appearance of two special machine guns: the AUG A3 rifle and the DP-28 light machine gun.

According to the PUBG Fanpage on Facebook, the admin of the fanpage shared:

“We are excited to reveal that two new weapons will be available on the test servers this week. The first new weapon, the DP-28, can be found all over the island. Erangel. The second weapon is the exclusive interest package AUG A3

So how these 2 weapons work their advantages and disadvantages, let’s together with you to find out.

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1. Degtyaryov DP-28

This light machine gun was officially commissioned to fight in the Soviet army in 1928. The gun’s design is quite classic and simple, making their production costs cheap, and the gun’s parts are just as well. has less than 80 parts and amateurs can easily disassemble the gun. The gun also works well in harsh environments such as being immersed in mud or buried in the sand, it can still shoot about 500 rounds.

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The special feature of this gun is a circular ammunition box similar to the Lewis gun. When fired, its ammunition box rotates, the downside of the DP-28 is that its V-prop is quite weak so it cannot withstand high pressure and is fragile, with such a disc-type 47-cartridge ammunition box. Bullets are very time consuming. The DP-28 machine gun has a 7.62x54mm ammunition, a rate of fire up to 550 rounds / min and an effective range of up to 800m.

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Historically, Degtyaryov produced about 795,000 guns of this type and also came in many different combat variants. Up to now, it is called “antique” because it has been in production for a long time and has many disadvantages. Up to now, it is no longer popular. However, to comment on the length of development and the mark it achieved, the DP-28 is still considered one of the fearsome machine guns in World War II.

2. Steyr AUG A3

The variant brother of AUG A1, probably those of you who have played FPS games like Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Battlefield … Although this gun line is not as popular as other guns, but with high damage and accuracy, if you fall into the hands of marksmen, it is very scary.

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The Steyr AUG A3 has a bullpup design, ammo box and barrel lock on the back of the handle, this design reduces the total length of the gun without changing the length of the gun barrel, so high accuracy is maintained. and effective in urban combat, but the gun’s stability is not very appreciated.

Here are the specifications of the AUG A3:

  • Caliber: 5.56 mm
  • Weight of non-ammunition: 3.9 kg
  • Length including the groove: 745 mm
  • Bullet speed: 950 m / s
  • Rate of fire: 750 plays / min
  • Combat rate of fire: 40/100 plays / minute
  • Effective range: 450-500 m
  • Ammo box capacity: 30, 42 tablets

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It is expected that the new PUBG update will be released this week. Besides these 2 new guns, the update will also have a lot of new features waiting for gamers to explore.

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