How to increase the chance to earn Dragon Legendary in EverWing

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In EverWingDragons play a very important role and are your reliable companions. They not only help you defeat monsters, but also increase your chances of dropping treasures and even flowers. If you are not familiar with the game Facebook Messenger This addictive, you will have the opportunity to start the adventure by using one or two rare “one star” Dragons. You need to level up and evolve Dragons to unleash their power.

Each Dragon’s maximum strength depends on its rarity, element, and zodiac sign. In EverWing, Dragon glare hatches Dragons with 5 levels of rare: Normal (Common), Rare (Rare), Substance (Epic), Legendary (Legendary), God (Mythic).

Legendary Dragon hatch rate of eggs

Dragons can only be summoned using a Dragon egg and the ability to receive a Legendary Dragon depends on the type of dragon egg. You must also remember that you cannot summon a Lagendary dragon from a Normal Egg. Below is a list of types of dragon eggs and their respective odds of hatching a Legendary Dragon:

  • Common Egg – Common Egg: 0% chance to get Dragon Legendary
  • Bronze Dragon Egg: 1% chance to obtain a Legendary Dragon
  • Silver Dragon Egg: 6% chance to get Legendary Dragon
  • Gold Dragon Egg – Gold Dragon Egg: 12% chance to get Legendary Dragon
  • Magical Dragon Egg – Magical Dragon Egg – 30% chance to get Legendary Dragon
  • Legendary Dragon Egg – Legendary Dragon Egg – 100% chance to get Legendary Dragon

Legendary Dragon hatch rate of eggs

4 ways to obtain a Dragon Egg

  • Watch the promotional video
  • Use Coin
  • Use Trophy (outage)
  • Raid boss

1. Watch promotional video

Every hour, EverWing gives you 3 types of eggs for free including, Copper Egg, Silver Egg and Golden Egg, but you have to get them by watching a short promotional video. If you have free time and want to make quick eggs but don’t want to spend money, you can spend a few minutes to watch the videos one by one and get these 3 eggs.

2. Using Coin

If you have enough coins, you can use them to buy regular eggs, copper and gold. Remember that you won’t be able to get any Legendary Dragons from regular eggs, so you can increase your luck by buying Bronze and Gold eggs. You can hatch Copper eggs using 3,000 Coins. To hatch a Golden Egg, you need 28,000 Coins.

3. Use Trophy

In EverWing, you can earn both Coins and Trophy. Trophy is accumulated by defeating bosses in single player mode or in Boss Raids. Like Coins, you can use trophy to hatch eggs, especially Silver, Magic and Legend eggs. You will need 250 Trophy to hatch a Silver egg, 1,100 Trophy to hatch a Golden egg and 3,500 Trophy to hatch a Legendary egg.

4. Go raid and defeat the boss

Raid allows you to challenge other opponents to defeat bosses from level 1 to level 10. Every time you hit a boss successfully, you will have the opportunity to open random treasure chests. Note that Legend eggs only appear in specific treasure chests like Silver and Legend chests. Simply put, you must hit the boss with enough damage to earn the chance to open these special reward chests. You are only given a few opportunities to open special treasure chests and rewards will appear completely random.

Increase your chances of earning Dragon Legendary

You might think that summoning any type of egg will work and the chance to get a Legendary Dragon basically depends on luck, but the reality is that you can actually increase your chances of getting a Legendary Dragon to use. Some simple techniques are as follows:

1. Boss Raids

You have a chance to get Legendary eggs from rewards when you have defeated bosses in Boss Raids.

Boss Raids

You will have the greatest chance to get the biggest Legendary egg if you get the Platinum, Epic and Legendary treasure chests from Level 8-10 of the Boss Raids.

PRO Tip: There is only one type of Dragon Legendary that you can only get from Boss Raids which is Raid Legendary. This Dragon usually has special and powerful abilities.

2. Legandery bonus

When a party player acquires a Dragon Legendary (through purchasing an egg in Dragon Roost or from Boss Raids), EverWing shares the activity with everyone in your chat group.

Legandery bonus

Bonuses start with 5% when someone acquires a Legendary Dragon. This means your chances of having Dragon Legendary increase by 5%. Legendary Bonus will increase as more and more people get Legendary Dragons with a 5% increase for each Dragon. That’s why it’s called Group Shopping Spree, the more people buy eggs and get a Legendary Dragon, the higher your chances of owning a Legendary Dragon.

Legendary Bonus can be increased by 50%. This means that if you normally have a 12% chance of getting a Legendary Dragon from a Golden Egg and rewarding a Legendary Bonus of up to 50%, your chance can be increased by 18%. [12% + (50% * 12%)] You can claim the Legendary Bonus (Claim Bonus) within 1 hour from the notification before the bonus disappears.

PRO Tip: If you have a Legendary Dragon, exit the game and return to the chat group. As such, you can claim the bonus (Claim Bonus) again if you click on your own Legendary Bonus.

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