How to play the game Angry Birds Action

In the game series Angry Birds, maybe Angry Birds Action! is the game with the most unique and unique gameplay. Not the traditional “shoot” style, no need to rotate the device screen as the original and even, players only need to use one hand, can observe the entire playing screen without need to pull, swipe to the sides as before.

Those are some of the different and “strange” features that AB Action brings to players in this version. The previous article has instructed how to install and play Angry Birds Action game on computer through Droid4X emulator, today’s article will guide you how to play basic game for beginners.

Download free Angry Birds Action for Android

Free download Angry Birds Action for iOS

First, when starting the game we will be guided a little bit, specifically:

  • Street white arrows: The direction the character will move.
  • Street blue arrows: Shoot in the right direction, hit the target.
  • Street red arrows: Missed target (missed shot).

How to play the game Angry Birds Action play game Angry Birds Action

How to play:

Press and hold on the game character, move left or right to aim for the target to attack, then release and see the results together.

In the game Angry Birds Action we have 4 main characters are:

  • Red (Available from the beginning).
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Terence

Through each certain milestone, the player will receive a new teammate (Bomb opens at level 7).

Each of our birds has different abilities and fighting styles, players should flexibly use them in each game screen, each case to take advantage of the power of these birds and pass cards with high scores. Best.

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How to change characters while playing game Angry Birds Action

From level 7 onwards, players will receive an additional character and are no longer required to use Red for all levels of the game. To change character, just “tap” on number of plays icon left (in the bottom left corner).

A list of characters will appear for us to choose from.

As mentioned, players will have 4 characters with 4 different powers. If Red stands out with red feathers, moving fast, much and continuously like an arrow, then Bomb proved quite “lumbering” in its large body, with its dark gray fur.

Red attacks with speed, quickly destroying the enemy in different positions in the game screen. In contrast, Bomb is slow, heavy, has a short movement time, but has a very high damage ability. True to its name, Bomb destroyed everything he touched in a large range with tremendous destructive power.

In the lower left corner (2 Birds) is the number of plays remaining for the whole game

Please observe your toy map to choose to use the appropriate character, because once started, it cannot be exchanged anymore (unless the old character does not complete the task, the system will change automatically. to the other character for the player to continue).

There is one special thing that every player needs to remember and pay attention to, which is:

  • In the bottom left corner of the screen play (2 Birds, 1 Birds) is the total number of plays remaining of the game (each “Birds” corresponds to 3 character’s lives).
  • A number is displayed on the top of each playing character, which is the number of times the character is left in “Birds”.
  • When the number of lives of 1 “Birds” is finished and the mission is not completed, that character will be replaced by the other.
  • If the whole Birds turn has not passed, the player will have to pause, wait for “revive” or can use help to continue playing immediately.
  • Complete missions, can receive rewards of certain items.

With each pass, the player receives the number of stars corresponding to the level of completion (from 1 star to 3 stars). Each of these stars corresponds to 1 key to open the reward box.

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If after opening all the initial keys, want to open more players will have to buy with diamonds. Each purchase can also maximum 3 keys (3 times open) and the number of diamonds spent will also increase with successive purchases (1 time 15 Diamond, 2 times 24 diamond…).

Buy a diamond key

When opening bonus chests, players can receive gifts of diamonds, “balls” Bounce House or Ice Powerup …. using these help, we will pass the levels more easily.

Bounce House Increases speed and attack power by 50% for all characters. Just choose to enter ball icon before each character moves to use. There is no limit to the number of times the “ball” is used in a card.

Characters move more, faster, longer when using “help”

In addition to Bounce House, we also have many other help items (which are opened gradually according to each level of play). Ice Powerup is one of them. When using this item by selecting to enter Snow flower icon, obstacles within certain “range” will be “frozen” and more easily destroyed.

In addition to the card rewards, players will receive a larger reward each time the gold chest energy bar is filled.

However, as just said, in each challenge screen, the gamer will have a certain number of plays. If you have used all of them and still cannot complete the challenge (the number of lightning strikes in the top left corner returns to 0), you will have to pause for a certain amount of time before you can return to play again.

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Or you can choose one of the following 3 help to continue playing immediately:

  • Use Facebook.
  • Watch the video clip.
  • Buy with diamonds.

The challenges of Angry Birds Action that appear later are always more difficult, more complex than the previous levels, so players need to calculate, consider, judge and use rationally the characters as well as support. Help me to be able to pass and win with the highest score.

Above are the basic instructions to play the game Angry Birds Action! – The latest title in the Rovio series of games of the same name. Hopefully, with these instructions, you will have fun and relaxing moments after a hard working day!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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