Heroes are underrated in this patch despite being quite strong in Dota

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It seems like this topic doesn’t really make sense with the new patch coming out soon, but we have a good reason to do this. Usually, when a hero is lightly buffed, it’s not to increase the hero’s power. In fact, such a change is to increase the pick rate of this hero more. Those small buffs don’t make weak heroes stronger for you to use. They just help players pay attention and pick that hero more. This article will discuss three such heroes – heroes that are quite strong right now and could become even stronger in patch 7.28.

Razor wallpaper

Razor is a hero that often goes unnoticed. After the recent changes, Razor not only weakened, but also lost the ability to farm quickly. Therefore, Razor becomes a very risky tempo hero to pick.

However, this hero has two things that are being underestimated by everyone. First, this hero counters a lot of meta heroes right now. Static Link is the best anti-carry move in the game and it works better when the meta is almost entirely hero dependent on attack speed. Static Link is not only effective against heroes like Sven, but it is also a powerful DPS and damage reduction tool that gives a lot of advantages to the whole team.

Second, you shouldn’t forget that this is one of only two skills in the game that allows a ranged hero to attack and move at the same time. Kite, chase, etc are a lot easier with Razor and that can make up for the difference in gold between you and the target.

There is a high chance that this hero will be buffed in the next patch. Razor is not very popular and depending on the game there will be total changes that benefit all ranged heroes, the hero can indirectly strengthen.

Dark Seer wallpaper
Dark Seer

Dark Seer is one of those heroes that is “in terms of concept very strong”. Hero’s Vacum is a great position changer that can change the game in a split second. And Wall of Replica is extremely beneficial against a meta full of Agility carry. So, it’s a bit surprising that this hero is only picked at a rate of only about 2.5 percent of games.

Obviously, Dark Seer is not a good pub hero. Dark Seer requires good coordination to bring out its full power. Heroes also need to have a clear strategy in the draft phase: you need heroes that can combo well with Dark Seer and you need the enemy to have no dispel in lane, otherwise Dark Seer’s game will become much more difficult. Due to the popularity of Oracle, bringing Dark Seer into the draft is not easy at all.

However, Oracle may be nerfed in the next patch. This hero is currently a bit ‘popular’ in both the pub and the pro arena.

Dark Seer, doesn’t necessarily need to be buffed directly, but if the assumption that range carries will be buffed comes true in the next patch, we have more reasons to pick this hero. Increased movement speed allows teammates to escape or give chase, plus the +350 HP talent solves the problem for paper-blooded characters.

Bounty Hunter wallpaper
Bounty Hunter

This name really doesn’t belong on this list. Bounty Hunter is played around 3.5% in Divine games and above and has a 51.5% win rate, but I feel the hero needs a buff and will come in handy in patch 7.28. Bounty Hunter has long been out of the meta and this is when the hero needs a little buff to return.

The position of BH in the game is currently a mystery and is one of the main reasons why the hero is not used. BH is in position 4, but doesn’t give the damage and buffs of heroes like Earth Spirit. Hero is also not a strong carry safelane, despite many attempts to bring BH into this role. BH also doesn’t have the ability to support in the offlane role and can’t really go mid.

That means, if the hero is buffed, this buff needs to be very specific to define the role of Bounty Hunter more clearly. These buffs are usually stronger. Most likely the buff will be for the offlane position: position 3 or 4. Hero can create a significant gold advantage. That is, the hero can build the necessary items for the team faster than other heroes in the same role, while also ‘depleting’ the opponent’s carry economy.


Hopefully this article will help you try out some new heroes but not necessarily weak in the meta. The heroes listed above are all effective right now and they could be even stronger in the next patch 7.28. Therefore, this is the best time to practice these heroes.

So which heroes do you think will benefit as well as lose their power in the next patch?

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