How to grow Dreambloom in Genshin Impact

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Player Genshin Impact participating in the event Flower dreams can learn How to grow a Dreambloom tree – Dream flower follow the instructions below.

Flower Dream Event in Genshin Impact
Flower Dream Event in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Flower Dream event has officially begun. And dream flowers play an important role in this event. Players need to harvest them a lot if they want to win all the special event rewards. To do that, first you need to know how to grow Dreambloom in Genshin Impact.

Instructions for planting dream flowers in Genshin Impact

After obtaining some Dreambloom seeds from Sakuya, the player needs their Kettle in Genshin Impact. To grow dreamy flowers, you must own a fertile field, which can be purchased from Tubby for 300 Realm.

Sakuya in Genshin Impact
Sakuya in Genshin Impact

For those unfamiliar, the Luxuriant Glebe is located in the Riches of the Realm section of Tubby’s Realm Depot. You can set it from the cultivation section in the Landform tab.

Once you have the land to grow your garden, just go there and select “Plant in Luxuriant Glebe”. This action will open a new menu to select 4 dreamy flower seeds. Please click Plant to sow them in the ground. After confirming planting, you just need to wait for the flowers to bloom to pick them up. This process takes about 10 minutes.

The dreamy flowers in Genshin Impact

Dreamflower seeds can produce flowers of different colors. Each type can give 3 Dreambloom styles. Thus, in all, you have 9 types of flowers that can be grown in a fertile field. Here is a list of seeds and flowers that can be planted:

  • Pearbell Seeds: Greenhat Pearbell (turquoise and gold), Fluorescent Pearbell (yellow), Sandbank Lotus Pearbell (Purple)
  • Silkpod Seeds: Dawnrouge Silkpod (white), Noontide Silkpod (yellow), Twilight Silkpod (purple)
  • Star Hibiscus Seeds: Autumn Star Hibiscus (light brown), Spring Dew Star Hibiscus (pink), Violet Silk Star Hibiscus (purple)

Video tutorial on how to grow dream flowers in Genshin Impact

Note, although you have no control over the flowers that grow from the seed, you can trade them in Exchange Dreamblooms on the event page. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much when you have not yet harvested the desired flowers.

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