Instructions for deleting junk items in Raid

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After so many days of anticipation and wait, Raid finally allows players to delete “leftovers” for a period of time in their inventory. This is a notable feature in the 1248 Raid update.

Although, Raid can accommodate up to 500 items of all kinds, but during the process of playing or hunting for treasure, the item is continuously received, making it increasingly difficult for gamers to find guns in the inventory. Therefore, the junk item deletion feature helps gamers a lot, helping them control their inventory more easily.

This feature has just been updated, surely many gamers still do not know how to use it. Don’t worry, There will be detailed instructions on how to delete junk items in the Raid game in the following article:

How to delete junk items in the Raid game

Step 1: Before deleting gamers, it should be noted, only those with an expiry date (daily items) can be deleted, and it cannot be permanently deleted. Equipment that can be erased will be available symbol X in the corner (as shown below).

Delete item

Step 2: In-use pages that cannot be deleted will appear an error message, which you need to remove before deleting.

Notice that the item cannot be deleted if it is equipping the character

Step 3: The item after deletion will switch to the Deleted tab, you can still restore it within 14 days if you want. Press Confirm to agree to remove the equipment.

Confirm deletion

Step 4: The deleted pages will be moved to the category Deleted in inventory. You can come here to review if you want.


Step 5: When you want to restore a deleted item from the inventory, you must wait at least 5 minutes after deleting it before it can be restored. After restoring, it will return to the inventory as usual. After 14 days you do not restore the item will be permanently erased.

Restoring equipment

Note: The equipment in the item Deleted time limit is still deducted as usual, so some items will be deleted 14 days earlier.

With this junk item delete feature, you can easily control your inventory, unleash your dislike quickly.

Wish you have fun playing the game

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