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TOP 6 generals with the most weapons in Arena of Valor

Weapons that generals use in the Mobile coalition are very diverse, including swords, guns, blades, spears, even drills and hand punches, have you ever noticed that general possesses many weapons. has collected the generals that use the most weapons for you to choose and use.

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Synthesize the generals using the most weapons Arena of Valor

5. Airi

Arena of valor

Ninja’s characteristic is that he will carry a variety of weapons, even small weapons, with Airi’s two Dragon Swords on his back with high-damage slashes, not to mention a dangerous weapon that is released every time it is activated. That move is Darts, this skill can stun opponents, darts and swords, obviously this is an indispensable basic combo of a Ninja, and Airi is no exception. However, Airi’s darts are very well hidden, so you won’t be able to see her darts hidden anywhere.

4. Violet

Arena of valor

Violet is currently the hottest jungler and gunner at the moment, when used by the majority of gamers in casual and ranked matches, we can see immediately Violet has two pistols in both hands. , constantly shoots and shoots, but Violet has a very big cannon every time she activates ability 1 or ultimate, the range of this cannon goes very far and the damage is off the table, it is terrible fear of enemies when laning or in teamfights.

3. Valhein and Mganga

Arena of valor

Two generals extremely popular when appearing with gamers right from the game account, “Van Helsing”, the name is still known in the familiar way many gamers in the game. Using darts as the primary weapon and only uses the multi-beam gun when the ultimate is activated, it seems to be a Shotgun as it will do tremendous damage if used at close range.

Arena of valor

Also because of its simple and effective gameplay, Valhein is very popular in the League of Legends with a towering rate of competition while picking champions, Mganga is like that, being a mage that is popular with many people. Optionally, Mganga is equipped with two types of weapons: a wand and a poison potion. Just tossing the poisonous pot at the target so it drains the blood and then using the staff will finish off the poisoned enemies.

2. Wonder Woman

Arena of valor

Anyone who has seen her movie will probably know that Wonder Woman is equipped with 3 weapons on her body, each weapon has its own function and power. With a sharp sword always in hand and an extremely sturdy shield, Wonder Woman is ready to face anyone in the League of Mobile by its ability to exchange skills and the toughness that few people can match. early game stage.

Whenever an enemy escapes, she will immediately use the true Rope, also her signature weapon, can pull the enemy closer or she will fly to the position of the enemy herself. Enemy, with a price of 28888 gold, Wonder Woman is really a worthy general to own in Arena of Valor.

1. Joker

Arena of valor

At the top of the table is a DC champion, the Joker is capable of using powerful weapons many times more than Wonder Woman, and the number of weapons he owns can be distributed to his team when the Joker can fly. knife in normal attack, using Anaconda when passive, one shot rocket and finally bombarded to death, obviously this world-famous criminal has a powerful arsenal of weapons but the price of money Only Wonder Woman, if Garena includes weapons, then surely the price to own the Joker will be much higher than Wonder Woman.

Those are the 6 generals with the most rows of goods per person in Arena of Valor, if you have an unused amount of gold, quickly go to the store to own them and test the great weapons of the generals. above.

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