How to get Nuke Call of Duty Mobile

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Like most of the Call of Duty game series, Nuke is available in Call of Duty Mobile as a killstreak weapon. How do you get Nuke Call of Duty Mobile, the weapon with its destructive power? Please refer below.

Nukes can completely wipe out all enemies on the map without any obstacles, of course with such destructive power, Nuke is something quite difficult to obtain in the current Call of Duty Mobile game. now.

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How to get Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

There are two things you need to do to unlock and use nuke in Call of Duty Mobile.
– First and foremost, you need to reach level 20 to unlock the skill to use Nuke. However, having this option available doesn’t mean you can use Nuke at any time. The harder part is getting the right requirements to use it.
– To use Nuke, you need to have a killstreak of 20 people (20ng kills continuously without dying). Killstreaks reset when you die, so you basically need to stay alive and kill 20+ enemies, which doesn’t sound easy at all.

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Main effects of Nuke Call of Duty Mobile
– NUKE is a nuclear bomb that is launched to a player-specified location in advance.
– NUKE has the ability to destroy the enemy, can create a large fire on a large area and deal high damage. Nuke is often used to surround or force an opponent to leave a hiding place.

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When the target is completed, a nuclear bomb button will appear in the center of your screen. Click on it and all enemies will be removed from the map. This doesn’t end the game at all, but it’s a way to earn points for your team, getting a lot closer to victory.

However, it is important to note that killstreak points are only counted when using a regular weapon that kills another person. If you use a drone or other scorestreak attack device, they will not count towards the killstreak.
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