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The Epic Games Store continues to offer free games to gamers as much as possible, and there’s a new game up for grabs this week. Bad North was developed by Plausible Concept and as the company’s first release, the game was nominated as the best simulation strategy game of the year at the DICE Awards.

Game Bad North Released for free starting from November 21 to November 29, gamers who log in to the Epic Store portal will receive free Bad North, a roguelite simulation game.

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Bad North is a real-time strategy game developed by Plausible Concept (Swedish studio) and published by Raw Fury. Bad North has two game modes including Normal and Hard mode. The main objective is to protect the kingdom from the Viking invaders who attacked and killed the king and guide the islanders to evacuate.

– Step 1: First you need to Create an Epic Games account here.
– Step 2: Then visit the official website and proceed to login (Sign In) Epic Games account just created in the step above here.

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– Step 3: After successfully logging in, scroll down and find the item Free Game Every Week, click Free Now on the Bad North game banner like the image below.

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– Step 4: Click Get to get free Bad North game on Epic Store game portal.

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The Bad North Islands have a different layout so each poses a different challenge, they are divided into several cells and housed, Vikings can attack from any angle, so your defense strategy The player must be well planned, carefully calculated to have a chance to save the villagers from the cruel enemies.

Viking invaders throw torches at houses, burn them completely and you won’t earn coins for those houses. Gold is necessary to upgrade units and increase the defense level of commanders. Players can also pick up items (shown as question marks in the map) and add new commanders to Troops.
Along with owning the free game Bad North, you can also get free game The Messenger on Epic Games immediately until November 21, past that time you will not be able to receive.

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