How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20

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Mob Heads are one of the rare items that gamers are looking for in Minecraft 1.20. This equipment can camouflage the player, decorate the house or even create a Wither boss. In this article, will introduce to you how to earn Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20

Mob Heads or Mob heads are the heads of players (Steve only), animals and monsters in Minecraft. Up to the 22w46a snapshot update, we have a total of 7 types of Mob Heads: Steve’s head, zombie, skeleton, boss Wither, creeper, piglin and dragon. Here are the ways players can earn Mob heads in Minecraft

how to check mob heads in minecraft 1 20

How to get mod heads in Minecraft 1.20

How to get Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20

1. How to get Zombie/Skeleton/Creeper/Piglin’s head

– Collect Charged Creepers

To get Mob Heads, players need to collect Charged Creepers. Creeper is another variant that is stronger than regular Creeper. When a Creeper is hit by lightning, it transforms into a Charged Creeper and increases its maximum damage on explosion from 64 to 127.

how to lay and use mob heads in minecraft 1 20

To create a charged Creeper, players can use the following 2 ways:

– Hit the Creeper with the Channeling enchanted Trident. However, the player does not need to hit it directly, but only needs to use the Trident to summon lightning from a distance of 5 cells from that Creeper.
– Build a fence to trap the Creeper then place a Lightning Rod right next to it.

– Find corresponding mobs

On the Java version, an explosion caused by a charged Creeper will “kill” Zombies, Skeletons, Withers and other Creepers. After the explosion, the player can earn a single Mob head. So, if there are different types of Mobs that die in the explosion, the head of a random Mob will fall off.

2. How to get the head of the Wither boss

The Wither is a variant of Skeleton equipped with a stone sword containing deadly poison and is considered the final boss of the Mobs. They mainly appear in hell fortresses at light level 0 and come in groups of 4. Defeating Wither, the player can receive items such as bones, coal, stone sword and Wither’s head.

how to collect mob heads in minecraft 1.20

To summon the Wither, the player needs the heads of normal Skeletons. However, the Wither’s head drop rate is quite low, so the best way is to create a Wither farm to increase this rate.

3. How to get Dragon’s head in Minecraft

The Dragon Head is a special item that can only be obtained from End ships. This type of Mob head is much larger than normal mob heads in Minecraft and even has its own animation.

how to find mob heads in minecraft 1

The only way for the player to get the Dragon’s head is to explore The End and find the End ships. Players can go to End City to earn Dragon and Elytra heads at the same time. Usually, they will be placed at the bow of the ship.

4. Get Mob Heads with the cheat code command

If the player is too lazy to get Mob heads in Minecraft, the only other way to get them is to use cheat codes. Players can use the order to donate items in Minecraft as /give [amount] [dataTag].

mod heads in minecraft 1 20

Without using cheat codes, players will have no way to get other players’ heads in Survival mode or Adventure mode in Minecraft. Here are the commands to get Mob Heads that players can use in a cheat code enabled world:

Skeleton Head: block.minecraft.skeleton_skull
Head Wither Skeleton: block.minecraft.wither_skeleton_skull
Zombie Head: block.minecraft.zombie_head
Player head: block.minecraft.player_head
Creeper Head: block.minecraft.creeper_head
Dragon Head: block.minecraft.dragon_head
Piglin head: block.minecraft.piglin_head

5. How to use Mob Heads to make sounds in Minecraft

In Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang introduced a new mechanic that allows players to place Mob Heads on note blocks to play sounds around. This is a cool new mechanic that gamers can use to create pranks or make doorbells. To learn how to use the Mob head to make sounds, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Note Block using the crafting table and place the Note Block on a flat surface.

meow mob heads in minecraft 1 20

Step 2: Place a wooden press next to that Note Block (players can use levers, buttons, or any item with a Redstone component).

kiem mob heads in minecraft 1 20 fast

Step 3: Place Mob Heads on top of the Note Block.

how to check mob heads in minecraft 1 20

Step 4: Step on the plywood to make Mob Heads emit a sound corresponding to that type of Mob. The player’s head obviously won’t make any sound, since the player character in Minecraft doesn’t talk.
Thus, has introduced to gamers how to earn Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20 and how to use Mob’s head to make sounds. Hopefully these tips can help players discover more interesting things in the Minecraft world.

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