How to get LoL Sett Terror Letter

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Sett is probably the champion that Riot takes care of the most elaborate debut in League of Legends. Released to the PBE test server shortly after Aphelios launched, Sett almost set off a new trend in League of Legends with his Letters of Challenge.

Pre-season 10 saw a series of new champions being released continuously when Aphelios was just released, Sett, the next champion was released on the PBE. With his masculine fighting style as well as his Dai ge brand, Sett is winning a lot of love from League of Legends players.

Sett lmht

New champion Sett League of Legends.

How to receive a Threat Letter from Sett

To make Sett’s debut more unique, Riot decided to send Sett’s “Challenge Letter” when new players finished a game.

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Challenge letter with content: The person has got your attention, soon he will find you. This letter will be moved to the Treasures section and Riot Games has not mentioned what it will do other than information that the Challenge Letter will be used on January 14 next year, which may also be the date Sett is released.

Challenge Letter of the Sett will be sent randomly however, there will be rules by which players can increase the odds of getting it:

– Messages are not sent based on the champion you use.

– Letters are not sent based on your performance rating in the match (Whether S+ or AB can be received).

First victory does not increase mail acceptance rate.

– The letter is sent based on the amount of damage you deal in the match.

– Fight ARAM still receiving mail

Perhaps after launching such a virtual champion as Aphelios, with a champion with a rough play like Sett, Riot Games decided to invest in other activities to make this champion stand out. And January 14, 2020 will be very much awaited by gamers because of the surprises that Thu Khieu Chien brings. of Legends-54985n.aspx
Above is how to receive Sett’s Letter of Terror in League of Legends, and if you are not familiar with Sett’s skill set in League of Legends, you can see Skill Sett League of Legends here.

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