How to catch Lingcod in Stardew Valley

Cách bắt cá Lingcod trong Stardew Valley

If Stardew ValleyYou will probably have to complete the Lingcod capture quest. This is a fish that appears only once a year. Let’s find out with How to catch Lingcod fish in Stardew Valley Please!

How to catch Lingcod fish in Stardew Valley

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There are many different species of fish that you can catch in Stardew Valley. The requirements to capture them also vary from species to species, be it bundles for Pelican Town’s Community Center or need recipe and side quests.

In the second year of Stardew ValleyPlayers will receive the quest via email from Willy in the winter. This quest requires the player to capture Lingcod. In return, players will receive 550g and a heart of friendship with Willy.

Lingcod is a special fish because it only appears in one season of the year in Stardew Valley. It is winter. Those who receive Willy’s letter on the 13th winter, that player will have 16 days to find and capture the Lingcod for Willy.

Fishing in Stardew Valley

How to catch Lingcod fish in Stardew Valley

Although it is a saltwater fish, it is a freshwater fish in Stardew Valley. This means, it only occurs in mountain lakes and rivers that flow through Pelican town during winter.

Lingcod can be found at any time of the day and under all weather conditions. Therefore, players can capture Lingcod every day of the winter in Stardew Valley.

There are two ways to capture Lingcod in Stardew Valley

In addition to fishing, you have two other ways to catch Lingcod fish. Due to this fish may be spawned randomly in the Krobux warehouse on Wednesdays and in Tralling Cart’s. However, that does not count towards the other Lingcod-related quest provided by Demetrius (which requires the player to capture 10 Lingcod for 6 days).

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Like every other fish in Stardew Valley, you can put Lingcod in your aquarium. Then sell them at the original price of 120g. Selling Lingcod eggs at the original price of 90g. Lingcod fish eggs about to hatch will increase to 180g.

Lingcod can be used in a variety of recipes like other fish, such as Maki Roll, Sashimi and Quality Fertilizer. To make Maki Roll and Sashimi, players need both the recipe and the ability to cook on an unlocked farm.

The above is How to catch Lingcod fish in Stardew Valley. If you know any other way, do not hesitate to share with!

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