How to get gunpowder in Minecraft

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Gunpowder has always been an important part of Minecraft because it can create explosions, fireworks, TNT explosives and flares if a little other material is added to the fabrication process. This has made it an item that has been highly sought after by players since its inception, here’s how to get gunpowder in Minecraft.

In Creative mode, you can simply access Inventory and have gunpowder right away. But, what about Survival mode? There are three ways Get Minecraft gunpowder In Survival mode, please choose one of the methods below to collect them right away.

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Tips to play Minecraft collect the simplest gunpowder

How to make gunpowder in Minecraft

1. Collect from Mob
This is the most effective way to collect gunpowder in Minecraft, each of these mobs can drop gunpowder when dying. The amount of gunpowder drops can be greatly increased if you kill them with a sword equipped in Looting I-III. The list below will show you which mob is likely to drop gunpowder and how much will drop when dead.

– Creeper:
Normal: 0-2 gunpowder
+ Maximum: 5 gunpowder
+ Attention: Must destroy them with weapons, if they explode they will not drop gunpowder.

– Ghast:
Normal: 0-2 gunpowder
+ Maximum: 5 gunpowder

– Witch:
Normal: 0-6 gunpowder
+ Maximum: 5 gunpowder

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2. Open Chests
Since gunpowder does not regenerate in Chests, this is not an effective way to collect them. However, if you don’t want to fight mobs, this is the next best option. Below is a list of the probability that gunpowder will be in the Chest when the player opens, the more open your chance will increase.

– Dungeon Chest:
+ Quantity: 1-8
Chance: 57.8%

– Desert Temple Chest
+ Quantity: 1-8
Chance: 59%

– Shipwreck Supply Chest
+ Quantity: 1-5
Chance: 22.4%

– Woodland Mansion Chest
+ Quantity: 1-8
Chance: 57.8%

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3. Commands
The last option to receive gunpowder in Minecraft is through the Commands command. This can be done using one of the commands listed below. The command you use depends on which version of Minecraft is playing: Java (PC) or Bedrock (other platform).
Java: / give PlayerName minecraft: gunpowder
– Bedrock: / give “PlayerName” gunpowder
Above are 3 simple ways to find gunpowder in Minecraft that players need to know, in addition if you are looking for a way to craft colored Glass, make crystals with other full colors without knowing how. Please refer to the link below.

Reference: How to craft Colored Glass in Minecraft

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