How to play the game screaming Don’t Stop! Eighth Note caused a storm

Dont Stop Eighth Note 650 - Emergenceingame

Thanks to the new gameplay, Pokémon Go quickly made many gamers’ hearts crazy. The game Don’t Stop! Eighth Note is the same, because of the way the game is disruptive that quickly storms the online community.

How to play the game Don’t Stop! Eighth Note is quite simple, you just need to shout out loud to control the black note to walk or fly over the deep holes. However, you must adjust the intensity of the sound very skillfully, otherwise it will fall into the hole or hit the obstacles encountered on the way there.

In recent days, netizens are spreading hands on the game Don’t Stop! Eighth Note with dizzying speed, images and screaming videos controlling this black note are everywhere everywhere. Let’s experience the game Don’t Stop! This eighth Note see how attractive it is!

Step 1: After installing Don’t Stop! Eighth Note is successful, open the game and you’ll see a request “Want to access Micro”, click OK to agree.

Agree to access Micro

Step 2: A brief introduction screen appeared on how to play Don’t Stop! Eighth Note, press I Know It to start to experience this cult game.

How to play the game Don't Stop!  Eighth Note

Step 3: Don’t Stop! Eighth Note offers 2 game modes:

  • Endless Mode: Endless running mode.
  • Stage Mode: With 10 different levels of timed play.

Here, we choose the mode Endless Mode.

Choose Don't Stop!  Eighth Note

Step 4: Now use your own voice to control the character’s movement, the louder your scream, the faster the character moves. Basically the character moves according to the intonation of your sound.

Start playing Don't Stop!  Eighth Note

Step 5: Go as far as many obstacles such as deep holes, abysses, spikes, slippery pools … You need to adjust the volume of your screams so that it can be skillfully to overcome. Of course, when you first play you will often fall into the abyss, but do not be discouraged, the more experience you have of mastering your volume.

Scream to control the character

Step 6: If you accidentally fall into a deep hole or hit an obstacle you will get a total score, with 2 options:

  • Retry: Restart.
  • Revive: Revive character, up to 2 times.

total score

Step 7: Also when choosing the mode Stage ModeYou will have to race against the time to get the character to reach the red triangle in the fastest time to win. This mode has a total of 10 Levels, each Level will have its own limited time limit to challenge the player.

Select Level

Step 8: The higher the level, the more obstacles, requiring players to control the character skillfully. It sounds simple, but when starting to play, it is not at all.

Don't Stop!  Eighth Note

Let’s train your voice with the game Don’t Stop! Eighth Note is storming the online community!

Wish you all success!

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