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In addition to instructions on how to get the Code MU Dai Angel H5, this article, also shares the link to download the game and how to play the game effectively. Follow along to receive the code easily and exchange many items.

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– There is a link to download the latest game
– Efficient game play
– Received many game codes MU Ambassador H5

The role-playing game MU Dai Angel H5 was officially released by VGM on July 11, the game developed on the H5 game platform will surely bring you many interesting experiences.

code for the first time h5

Mu Online new version, get code, download link and how to play the game

Code MU Ambassador H5

– GMRM1e7820d2


– GNM1ffbf0a90

– WQFS5b3163bd

– SQFS6827725b

– YQFS103ed27b

– MUDTS2021

How to get Code MU Ambassador H5

In this section, Taimienphi will list out a number of ways for players to own valuable Code MU H5 from the publisher VGM, each Code has a different reward value.

Event 1: Share and receive a package worth 350K CZK
– Reward: Receive a GiftCode of 3,000,000 including Weird Fairy Soul*2, Star Chest*1, Blessing Gem*20, 500 Honor*2, EXPx2.5*2 Potion
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Share and receive a package worth 270K
– Reward: One Code includes 500 Honors*2, Ngoc Chuc Phuc*20, Pearl Soul*10, Pearl Shard*30
– Link to join: Event 2

Or players can participate in the event on the main landing page of the game MU Dai Angel H5, make pre-registration to receive corresponding rewards for each milestone.
– Link to register to receive Code MU Dai Angel H5 on the landing here

code for the first time h5 2

code for the first time h5 3

In addition, you should also join the Fanpage forum and Group community to hunt for the MU Dai Thien H5 Codes from BQT.
– Join the Fanpage forum to receive the Code MU Dai Thien Su H5 here
– Join the Group community to receive the activation code in MH H5 here

Instructions to enter Code MU Dai Angel H5

Step 1: First, you enter the game, right at the main screen select Game Assistant.

code for the first time h5 4

Step 2: Right at the interface Game Assistant click Exchange gift code.

code for the first time h5 5

Step 3: In Exchange gift code You check all information and enter the Code MU H5 received in the above steps, click Redeem Now.

code for the first time h5 6

Step 4: Return to the game, you go to the box Letters and get the reward after using Code MU Ambassador H5.

code for the first time h5 7

Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to receive and enter the Code MU Ambassador H5, any questions about this role-playing game, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section below.

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Link download MU Dai Angel H5

At this time, you can join playing MU Dai Angel H5 on Android, iOS and Webgame by clicking on the link below.
– Link to download Android version: MU Ambassador H5 for Android
– Link to download iOS version: MU Ambassador H5 for iPhone
– Link to download Webgame version: MU Ambassador H5 Webgame

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