How to get Free Fire Diamonds in November 2022

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Many people don’t know that there are many ways to get a valid Free Fire Diamond November 2022 without violating any policy of the game. Helps you to earn an amount of diamonds to buy items at the store for the purpose of improving the game experience.

Diamonds are the currency used a lot in Free Fire. Although the game has the word “Free” in the name, it does not offer free diamonds. Fortunately, there is a way get Free Fire Diamonds November 2022 free without spending real money.

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Tips to get Free Fire Diamonds in November 2022

How to get Free Fire Diamonds in November 2022 for free

1. Redeem Code Free Fire
This is the most common way in the game where you can get free diamonds and other in-game items. Every month there will be free Giftcode codes for gamers, you can get the latest Free Fire Game Code updated regularly by Taimienphi in the link below.

Reference: Free Fire game code

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2. Via Booyah app!
Booyah! is a dedicated gaming content sharing app that allows users to earn Free Fire diamonds for free. All you have to do is join the Free Fire and Free Fire Max events and competitions that the app hosts.
– Download link Booyah latest here.

3. Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards is the most trusted app to earn virtual coins to exchange them for Free Fire diamonds. Users can earn a certain amount of diamonds after participating in the application’s survey questions. The credits earned through it can then be used to pay for the purchase of diamonds.
– Link to download iOS version: Google Opinion Rewards for iPhone
– Link to download Android version: Google Opinion Rewards for Android

4. Poll Pay App
Poll Pay is an app that works like the Google Opinion Rewards app. To earn diamonds you need to complete some quests and take some quizzes. You’ll then earn some cash rewards that will be transferred to your Google Play balance or iTunes gift card.
– Link to download iOS version: Poll Pay For iPhone
– Link to download Android version: Poll Pay For Android

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5. Easy Rewards
Easy Rewards is another GPT app that works on Google Opinion Rewards guidelines. You can participate in surveys and quizzes to earn Google Play Credits that can be used to purchase Free Fire diamonds. Sadly the app is not available on the App Store.
– Download link Easy Rewards for Android

6. Get Free Diamonds From Free Fire Advance Server
Free Fire Advance Servers is an FF Test Server, the destination of many gamers who do not play before the features, where users can get many Free Fire Diamonds for free if they find errors, depending on the error. rewards for players from 1000 to 3000 free FF Diamonds, just experience the features and receive free KC FF, it’s really great, isn’t it.

Reference: How to get 3000 free Diamonds in Free Fire Advance Server

In addition to the ways above, you can also find other ways on the internet. However, those methods are not as effective as the above methods. Hopefully with the above tips will help you get KC Free Fire, buy items that can’t be bought with gold in the game.

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