How to update Among Us on PC, Android and iOS

Hướng dẫn cập nhật game Among Us

Among Us Recently updated to introduce new features and bug fixes. If you are having an error Among Us on your device, you should update the game to the latest version. Here it is how to update Among Us on each device.

Instructions to update the game Among Us

How to update Among Us on PC, Android and iOS

Content Among Us latest version

Among Us Patch Update 10.22 is officially released with the following new additions:

  • Added anonymous voting option: Unlike previous versions, all ballots will now be grayed out.
  • Added Task Bar mode, including:
    • Always mode works as usual.
    • Meeting mode only update the taskbar during a meeting.
    • Invisible mode Taskbar completely removed.
  • Optimized in the game
    • MIRA: Vandalizing communications room deletes security logs.
    • Added a new icon to fix power connection tasks.
    • Improved meeting screen design.
    • Fix old version errors.

How to update Among Us beta

Open Steam and click Thư viện At the top.

Open the game library on Steam

Now right click Among Us on the left sidebar.

Click the game Among Us PC

Click & select Properties.

Select the game property Among Us

Now press tab Betas above.

Select the beta tab in Among Us

Click the drop-down list.

Among Us drop-down list

Choose public-beta-.

Select version of Among Us public beta

Click Close.

Close the game properties window Among Us

Now if you have enabled automatic update, the game will automatically update the version Among Us beta for you.

Updating Among Us beta

Among Us update time depends on your network speed. If you don’t have the automatic update enabled, just press the button Update as shown below.

Among Us PC update button

Update Among Us on PC

Among Us is currently available to Steam users on PC. If you want to update the game to the latest version, you need to use the Steam client on Windows. By default, Steam automatically updates all the games in your library. If for some reason the game doesn’t update automatically or you’ve turned off this feature, this is how to update Among Us PC manually.

1. Open the Stream app on your PC and click Thư viện At the top.

Updating Among Us on Steam

2. Now find and right click Among Us in the left sidebar. Here, you will see a list of all the games you own.

Select the game Among Us on Steam

3. Select Properties.

Set up Among Us on your PC

4. Click now Local Files at the top of the window.

Find Among Us's local file

5. Finally, click Verify Integrity of game files.

Verify the file downloaded Among Us

Steam will now check all files installed on the system. During this process, the Steam client is able to detect old game versions. It is automatically updated when the file’s integrity is verified.

Wait for the file Among Us to finish downloading

Note: This may take some time depending on the local memory transfer speed, network connection, and the time the Steam server responds.

Updating Among Us on Android

Android users can easily update the game on the Play Store. If you have problems when updating Among Us here, you can refer to how to install the apk file of Among Us on your device.

Option 1: Update Among Us on Play Store

Unlock Android device and open Play Store. Now touch the icon Menu in the top left corner of the screen.

Updating Among Us on Android

Touch My apps & games.

Select app & game

You should now see a list of all the apps currently installed on your device that have the update available at the top. Scroll and look for Among Us in the list.

Click Update

Play Store will now automatically update Among Us for you. Once done, you can open and play the latest version of Among Us.

Method 2: Update Among Us by APK file

Download the latest apk file of Among Us at:

Installing Among Us APK

Scroll down and see a complete list of the updates available for Among Us. The most recent version is usually at the top. You can also look in the date column to see the latest update Among Us.

Find the latest Among Us file

Tap the icon Download next to the file you want to download.

Download the apk file Among Us

Touch Download APK at the bottom.

Download APK Among Us

You will now be redirected to the page that automatically downloads files on the system. After the download is completed, tap Open file below screen. Alternatively, you can also open the downloaded file from the Download folder.

Loading Among Us

Touch Install.

Set the latest Among Us

The app will now begin to install on the Android device. Wait for the process to complete and tap Done Once completed.

Tap Done to complete the process

Note: If this is the first time you have installed apps from a third-party source on your Android device, you will need to give your browser permission to install such apps.

Updating Among Us on BlueStacks

If you are running the Android operating system in BlueStacks, you can update the game Among Us according to the 2 methods above.

Obviously updating the game via the Play Store app in BlueStacks is the easiest. Just open the Play Store, find Among Us> open a list of apps and tap the button Update game respectively.

Updating Among Us on BlueStacks

In case this doesn’t work, you can use apk file. Use a browser like Chrome in BlueStacks> open it> go to APKmirror web> find Among Us’s latest apk file, then download and install as usual.

If you have Among Us installed through the application store on BlueStacks, it may prevent you from updating the app from a third party. At this point, you just need to delete the installed game and use the latest apk file just downloaded.

Update Among Us on iPhone and iPad

IOS users just need to update Among us on the App Store. Apple devices often update apps automatically. If you have turned off this feature, do the following to update Among Us iOS.

Open App Store and tap the configuration icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Updating Among Us on iOS

Now scroll down to the item Available Updates.

Updates available on iOS

Find Among Us in the list and touch Update beside.

Update Among Us to fix the error

Wait for the update to complete, you can play Among Us the latest version right away.

The above is how to update Among Us on all platforms. This action also helps you fix Among Us while playing. Hope the article is useful to you.

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