How to get free CP in COD Mobile

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In the game Call of Duty Mobile there is a main currency called COD Points (CP) and you can use them to make most of your Battle Pass purchases, crates, skins… the only way there is These exclusive items are through CP. Here are some ways to get free CP in COD Mobile that players need to know.

Normally, it takes the player about 79 USD to own 80 COD Points, 399 USD for 400 CP, … very expensive for some and not everyone can afford to buy. Most COD Mobile gamers are looking for ways to get free CP if the budget is tight. If you are one of these people, then you have come to the right place. In this article, Taimienphi will provide how you can get free CP.

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How to get free CP in COD Mobile

1. Google Opinion Reward

One of the software and websites that provide free CP in Call of Duty Mobile for you is Google Opinion Rewards, a famous application that has been around for a long time. Players are rewarded with Google Play Credits after filling out surveys in this app, which can be used to purchase CP COD Mobile. Although the reward for each survey is not much, but there is still more.

2. Complete the Battle Pass quest

To earn free CP in COD Mobile, gamers need to complete the Battle Pass missions and level up in the leaderboard. It is not easy to earn the main currency COD Points but to get it you need to work hard.

3. Log in daily

Just like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire … Call of Duty Mobile also has rewards for gamers who log in daily, they are completely free. According to statistics from other players, gamers can earn 500 free CP in COD Mobile every week, attractive, right?

4. Sell things

A function that no other Battle Royale shooter has like COD Mobile, players can freely exchange or sell unused items in their inventory, get free CP in COD Mobile from event rewards or Free gifting event.
For hoe gamers, limited economic … or do not like Call of Duty Mobile VN game card recharge To have CP, the above free game tips are essential, helping you have an experience that is not inferior to other players.

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