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1000 Apple employees are tasked with developing VR glasses combined with AR gaming


According to a new report from Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the plans” of Appleits VR/AR glasses are likely to be released in 2020. The tech giant’s upcoming device, the augmented reality headset, is intended to target the gaming market – a competitive move. Apple’s competition against HTC, Valve (who are also working on similar projects) and Oculus/Facebook.

The shift could benefit the virtual reality market, which is still finding a foothold in the gaming and business markets. Apple’s investment in devices AR/VR demonstrated in the dispatch of 1,000 engineers to participate in the above project, demonstrating Apple’s convincing view of the potential for VR technology. All staff from NASA engineers to former game developers are working on this project, under the direction of AR/VR VP, Mike Rockwell.


Apple’s AR/VR system will connect to existing mainstream apps and software via hooks in the new “rOS” operating system, which could result in a large library of games if developers are to Existing app developers join the AR/VR platform.

The Bloomberg report also reports from inside sources that Apple’s virtual adventure is scheduled to begin in 2021/2022. This is also the milestone marking the debut of virtual reality glassesafter that, AR glasses will be released in 2023. Apple originally planned to launch earlier, but they decided to extend the time.

Apple’s VR devices work on a new 3D sensing system, technology that helps iPhone users to map, recreate and observe the surrounding environment, objects and people in 3D.

Valve, recently, released the Valve Index VR headset. Oculus are also following the market trend with equipment Oculus Quest his famous. AR . device Microsoft Hololens 2 Now also available in stores with prices starting at $3,500.

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