Batman’s “sick” enemy after Batman’s Joker is a .. child

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Rarely have any superhero character faced a cast of monstrous and dark villains like the Dark Knight. And it’s also rare for a group of villains to have a sad and profound body like those who have been Batman defeated. However, his latest enemy in the 38th volume seems to push that definition to a whole new level when giving the reader a feeling of horror about the sick people living in the heart of Gotham City.

The story revolves around a boy named Matthew, who must rely on Bruce Wayne when his parents die in a very cruel murder. At first glance, it is easy to see the similarity between Matthew’s situation and Bruce Wayne’s past: a child born into a wealthy family but soon had to witness the death of his parents. Matthew even has a figure of the butler next to him, which became a joke when his parents compared their son to Bruce Wayne before his death.


It is because of the invisible link to the boy’s traumatic life that Bruce Wayne is determined to find the culprit. Initially, the knife marks on the victim’s body lead Batman to Victor Zsasz – a serial killer who sees stabbing people to death as an escape from a meaningless life. The strange thing is that Victor Zsasz was so “eager” to admit guilt on his part, even though he had a complete alibi when Matthew’s parents died. Things become more confusing when Batman realizes that Victor’s parents also died when he was young and left the son a fortune. In other words, Victor bears the same image as Matthew.. and also Batman himself.

However, it was only when the third murder appeared and a series of clues turned to Two-Face, a villain who grew up with a beating father, that Batman received a much darker veil. on his way. He realizes someone is trying to steer him towards villains who had problems with his parents, carefully blaming them with obvious clues. But with the brains of a great modern detective, Batman instantly solves the puzzle and unmasks the real culprit. Yes that is Taylor, Matthew’s butler.. He admits that he caused the death of the boy’s parents to become the godfather of a huge fortune.


Until eventually Taylor was arrested and Batman demanded justice for Matthew’s parents in the hope that the boy could follow Bruce Wayne’s example and overcome fate. That night Bruce and Selina had dinner together, sharing about the other boy’s unfortunate life.. They said that everything Taylor did really betrayed the meaning of Alfred’s position. for Bruce and Matthew’s life from here on would be very difficult. But it was at that moment that Batman began to realize how wrong he was. Everything appeared before his eyes like a drama.

What if Taylor is performing the right duties of a housekeeper, a true foster father? What if Taylor is willing to do everything for Matthew as Alfred does for Bruce Wayne?? Answering those questions means proving that Matthew has done the unthinkable…that is killing his parents with his own hands.

Facing the boy in the Dark Knight shirt, Batman witnessed the most sick and haunting image of his life. There, a boy with a smile on his face with a lifeless look was holding a knife carved into his parents’ gravestone. On one side he engraved “Thomas Wayne”, on the other he engraved “Martha Wayne”. When he looked up, his face was still dripping with blood from the scribbled knife marks marked “Martha” and “Thomas”.


From here everything becomes clear. There Matthew’s sick mind is obsessed with becoming Bruce Wayne – a rich and talented billionaire.. an orphan boy who transcends fate and owns it all. With his blindness, Taylor obeyed Matthew’s orders to turn him into Bruce Wayne.. and the final step of perfection was his parents. But Matthew didn’t do it for the money, because of the huge legacy he left behind.. He only did it because he wanted to be the perfect Bruce Wayne.

“You can’t understand Batman. You’re part of them, part of the darkness. You’ve never experienced pain like I have.” – Matthew said, not knowing that the person standing in front of him was the Bruce Wayne he dreamed of becoming.. he didn’t know it was the pain that Bruce Wayne had to go through that created the Batman image.

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