How to get Epic Pokemon in Monster Village

Cach kiem Pokemon su thi trong Lang Quai Thu 640 - Emergenceingame

Owned Pokemon Epic is the dream of every Pokemon gamer in the world. If you’ve ever played Pokemon GO, you’ll see the value and the hard work of getting a Pokemon with this level. But work Catch Epic Pokemon in Monster Village it looks simpler.

Role-playing game This gives players quite a few ways to capture Epic Pokemon, if you are also curious, you can check out the following tutorial of

Ways to get Epic Pokemon in Monster Village

Conquer wild Epic Pokemon

Step 1: You log into your account to play Monster Village on your device and then select map icon Zoom out in the top right corner of the map.

The main interface of Monster Village

Step 2: Map area appears, you can observe the locations appearing on the map, at the same time check List of Pokemon On the right hand side, the Epic Pokemon will be shown as purple squares, or announce (Warm Pokemon Eggs, Full Pokemon Eggs…) with icon purple eggs at the top (photo below).

If in any area you see these signs, it means they are there and you might have a chance of catching these Epic Pokemon here. Click Come to move to this area.

Select an epic Pokemon capture area in Lang Quai Thu

Alternatively, if the selected location is not available, you can choose to go to World and then choose another region. Areas with attention “God Beast dwells“is where you need it.

Step 3: Select Next Fight (Pokeball icon) to get started.

Fight to win Epic Pokemon

Step 4: If you win, you will receive Pokemon eggs corresponding to the quality of the Pokemon in it. Another way you can get Pokemon faster is by using features Immediately kill.

Spin the eggs to receive Epic Pokemon game Monster Village


  • Can only get Pokemon eggs when you win.
  • Using a Assassination Card guarantees 100% victory.
  • The odds of getting an Epic Pokemon egg are not 100%, but it will either be a city gift or 1 (possibly 2) type of egg left on the list.

Puzzle Epic Pokemon

Pokemon puzzle pieces It’s not easy and time-consuming, but with luck, you will receive extremely rare and unique Epic Pokemon that cannot be found in the wild or otherwise.

From the main interface, select enter Menu / Calculator. Here, touch on the item Merge & Library to see the list and number of Pokemon puzzle pieces available.

Matching Pokemon fragments in the Monster Village

If there is enough, you can Matching always if you want, if not, continue to collect more puzzle pieces through events, quests or other bonus features in the game.

Spin the eggs to receive Pokemon Epic

Actually this is an indirect activity that gives you the Pokemon Epic puzzle pieces to form a complete pokemon. However, these valuable pieces are only obtained when you use them Egg Roasting Coupon, the more you use, the higher the rate of getting.

Select spin mode to receive bonuses

Rate of receipt Epic puzzle pieces when you shoot once and shoot 10 times is also different.

Get Epic Pokemon in Monster Village

In addition to these ways, if you join the event or complete some day quests, side quests in the game, you will also have the opportunity to receive these extremely powerful and rare Pokemon.

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