How to get Angry Teddy Bear skin PUBG Mobile

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In this February, PUBG Mobile gamers have the opportunity to receive a lot of free rewards and the right to use the skin forever without having to worry about time. How to get PUBG Mobile Rage Teddy Bear skin is very simple, you just need to perform a few tasks.

When the event PUBG Mobile Spring Festival is still happening, the publisher continues to launch other free events, a series of events that take place continuously to effectively attract players.

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Get the PUBG Mobile Rage Teddy Bear skin for free

Instructions to receive PUBG Mobile Rage Teddy Bear skin

During the event period, players who complete the specified number of Queue mode matches with Clan members will receive rewards, corresponding to each milestone you receive a classic chest piece, PUBG Fury Teddy Bear skin Mobile. As follows:

Step 1: Start PUBG Mobile on mobile device or mobile emulator

– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

Step 2: At the main interface click the icon Event.

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Step 3: At Tab Theme you choose Festival Activities Association.

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Step 4: Join 9 Ranked matches with Clan members to receive the full PUBG Mobile Rage Teddy Bear skin.

– Complete 3 Ranked matches: Get 3 pieces of classic crate voucher.

– Complete 6 Ranked mode matches: Get the Rage Teddy Bear Mask.

– Complete 9 Ranked matches: Get the Rage Teddy Bear suit.

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The Festival Activities Tet event takes place starting from January 31 and lasts until the end of February 9, 2020, gamers only need to play 9 matches and Guild members will receive free PUBG Mobile Rage Teddy Bear skin, after The time on the operation will disappear.
Currently PUBG Mobile version 0.17.0 has officially been available on the test server, NPH allows gamers to experience first after updating at the official server. Content PUBG Mobile update details 0.17.0 has been compiled by Taimienphi here, please refer to it to grasp what will appear in the official version.

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