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A HOT brain hack game that has just been released on Mobile, Hello Stars is an intelligence-challenging puzzle game that has attracted many players in recent times. And this list of Hello Stars solutions will help you overcome them easily, supporting you.

Like the puzzle game HOT now like Brain Out, Brain Test …. Hello Stars also gives players questions, brain twisting puzzles that are not gentle at all. Players need to draw all kinds of shapes and lines to direct the marble (ball) to the finish line.

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Summary of the latest and most complete Hello Stars answers

The most complete list of Hello Stars answers

Currently, Hello Stars is available on both Android and iOS operating systems, if you don’t have the game, download it according to the link Taimienphi provided below, choose the operating system suitable for your device. And below is the most complete Hello Stars answer up to now.

– Link to download Android version: Hello Stars for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Hello Stars for iPhone

Answer Hello Stars from 1 to 30

Answer Hello Stars from questions 31 to 50
If during the experience you have difficulties or problems that cannot be overcome, please refer to the answer Hello Stars Taimienphi provided above to overcome all. As mentioned above, Brain Out and Brain Test are also the popular brain hacking puzzle genre today, refer to Brain Out game answer and Brain Test answers here. Wish you happy gaming.

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