How to get 10 free generals Garena Arena of Valor

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After the last 10/20 holiday event, Garena Arena of Valor continuously launched many events allowing players to receive free champions, skins and extremely valuable items, until today, Garena continues continue to open events to attract the attention of the gaming community even more.

Starting on 10/21 onwards, gamers can own many extremely quality free walls when participating in playing Arena of Valor. Add to the collection of generals Gunner, Assassin, Gladiator, Mage, Assistant and Blocker without spending much time.

How to register for free 10 weeks garena related to mobile

Garena Arena of Valor

How to get 10 free generals Garena Arena of Valor

Recently, on October 20, Garena Arena of Valor gamers can own Free General Krizziz just by logging into the game, along with extremely rare S-level skins. And now, Garena Arena of Valor gives Free 10 generals to Gem owners.

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For Arena of Valor gamers, owning Gems is extremely simple, ordinary people can also easily earn. Each Gem that gamers earn corresponds to 2 generals, permanently added to your collection without any deadline. If you own the Mission Book, you can earn Gems even faster, the list of champions that gamers are allowed to change includes:

– Lindis
– Omen
– Florentino
– Aleister
– Slimz
– Amily
– Enzo
– Kil’groth
– Rourke
– Annette

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Owning such terrible generals will make it difficult for gamers to give up Arena of Valor, or attract players who have quit the game. The list of champions is stretched from many groups of Gunners, Assassins, Gladiators, Mage, Assistants and Tanks. They make your experience more diverse and rich, the gameplay changes for each champion.

Violet is a Gunner general in Arena of Valor that is loved by many people because of her mobile skills, that’s why Garena has allowed players to get the costume Violet’s wife Arena of Valor all free. With just a few steps such as logging in to events, using donated items, you already own her beautiful skins.

Garena Arena of Valor is a MOBA strategy game with a very strong attraction no less than other Batlle Royale games, Garena Arena of Valor is currently available on Android and iOS operating systems, allowing players to download and experience on smart mobile system.
– Link to download Android version: Arena of Valor for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Arena of Valor for iPhone

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