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The Cuu Kiem 3D Code is part of the SohaGame publisher’s gift to gamers on the official launch day on Android and iOS systems, Nine Swords 3D has character shaping, smooth motion mechanism that will bring to the world a new look. players many interesting things.

Inspired by the famous TV series, Nine Swords 3D has a rather unique character system with 9 different sects and an in-depth skill system. In particular, players can also swap flexible moves to other factions.

3d code

Unique role-playing game on Mobile

Code Nine Swords 3D

– VBM1T74YU1
– 793N27QJ0Z

Code Big Update 2.0 Fighting Peak

– CZNW4Q51I9

Instructions to receive Code Cuu Kiem 3D

To welcome players into the world of Nine Swords 3D, publisher SohaGame has launched Code Nine Swords 3D for players to experience more easily, by participating in mini events on your homepage, Fanpage or Group. everyone has the opportunity to own those valuable gifts.

Event 1: Route Announcement
+ Reward: Receive GiftCode 1,000,000 VND
+ Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Event Invite You To Group
+ Reward: Receive Code 300k VND
+ Link to join: Event 2

code for 3d 2

Event 3: Find worms and report bugs
+ Reward: A GIFTCODE will be sent to the player who reports the most accurate error.
+ Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Guild Announcement Event to Receive Gifts
+ Reward: Receive Code 1 Million VND
+ Link to join: Event 4

Event 5: Release date prediction
+ Reward: Receive VIP Code Nine Swords 3D worth 500k VND
+ Link to join: Event 5

In addition, you can also receive the Code of Nine Swords 3D by registering on the game’s Landing page. Gamers will receive a gift code that includes valuable artifacts such as Kim Nguyen Bao, Phu, Tinh Tu Thieu Thiet. When the number of subscribers reaches the milestone, all the registered people will receive the corresponding gift sent to the registered phone number.

3D 3D code

How to use, enter Code Nine Swords 3D

Step 1: At the main interface of the game Nine Swords 3D, click on the icon Welfare located on the right corner of the screen like our image below.

3d 4 code

Step 2: Then you scroll down and find the tab to change GiftCode Cuu Kiem 3D, click on Redeem Gifts.

3d code 5

Step 3: Proceed to enter the 3D Cuu Kiem Code you received in the above step into the empty box Enter GiftCode, then select Change. The reward is sent directly to the character’s mailbox, you go there to receive the gift.

3d 6 code

Hopefully, with Taimienphi’s guide to Code Cuu Kiem 3D, it will provide you with useful information, own a lot of equipment or weapons through the issuer’s gift codes.

On October 22, Cuu Thien 3 ended the Alpha Test phase and officially entered the Open Beta version with many activities, Code Cuu Thien 3 synthesized by Taimienphi here will help you own many high-level equipment, refined stones, extremely powerful treasures. Get it right away for the best game experience.

Link download game Nine Swords 3D

Currently, Cuu Kiem 3D has allowed mobile users to download and install today, choose the corresponding operating system, download the game according to the link below.
– Link to download Android version: Nine Swords 3D for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Nine Swords 3D for iPhone

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