How to fix weak wifi signal phone?

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To fix the error of the phone receiving weak, slow or flickering Wifi signal, users only need to understand the common causes and symptoms on the device to be able to easily repair it by themselves quickly and effectively without needing to worry about it. warranty costs, specific details please read below.

Weak wifi phone is one of the things that users often complain about during use. However, does the poor reception really come from the device?

How do you use your phone to connect to wifi?

How to fix weak wifi signal phone

Before confirming this, Taimienphi will list 4 common reasons why phones catch weak wifi so you can find out for yourself the real cause and the correct way to fix it.

The reason why the phone has a weak wifi signal and how to fix it

1. The phone has a weak Wifi signal because the device transmits it

There are many reasons why your Router device does not work properly with the best performance as designed such as overload, heat, software error,… At this point, the best way is to turn off the device completely, clean clean and restart after 2-3 minutes to check again.

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Android phones catch weak wifi

If the error is more serious, you can reset it to default settings by tapping the Reset button on the back of the device.

2. Due to the wrong location and way of placing the modem, the wifi signal flickers

If you feel that your phone’s wifi signal is weak or unstable depending on where you stand, it is most likely because you have placed the modem in an unreasonable position. Because Wifi waves will decrease sharply when having to overcome obstacles such as walls, doors, … in the house. Even Wifi waves are interfered with by waves from other electronics.

Therefore, users should place the Router in a high and open position, avoiding obstacles. The antenna antenna is always pointing upwards or horizontally to get the best signal.

3. Wifi is slow due to too many users accessing it

Each wifi hotspot device can only connect to a limited number of devices. If there is too much use at once, of course, the connection will be weak, you can’t even connect to the network. Besides, if someone downloads heavy movies and programs, it also slows down users of the same wifi network, at this time, you should change the wifi password so that those who use the temple will go out by themselves.

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iPhone phone catches weak wifi

For these reasons, you should change your wifi password, limit sharing or remind members to only download heavy files when few people use them.

4. Reduce the ability to catch the phone signal due to iPhone and Android configuration

If you have checked all 3 reasons above, you still see that the phone has a weak wifi connection? So it’s very likely that the real cause comes from mobile devices. With Android phones, users should go to the settings The battery and turn off the option Save battery in standby mode nice Low power mode.

With iPhone, you go to General settingsselect section Reset and establish Reset network settings to reset to factory defaults.
So Taimienphi analyzed 4 common causes of weak wifi signal phone. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will be able to quickly fix the phone’s weak wifi error so that you can use the phone to connect to the network more smoothly and smoothly. Besides, you can refer to change wifi password on phone here.

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