How to fix the game is running League of Legends

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Just like other errors of League of Legends, the error of the game running also often occurs, making players feel uncomfortable, the cause may be because the game’s client is running in the background, but completely not showing up on the screen. Figure.

The main cause of the message display or League of Legends running game error is that the game client is still active, they do not appear on the screen and are in the background running mode, making the player unable to play. can enter the game.

how to fix running game lmht

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Instructions to fix errors The game is running League of Legends

Currently there are 2 simple ways for you to handle the error The game is running, you will encounter a message like the image below of Taimienphi and here is how to fix this situation.

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Method 1: Exit Garena completely and log back in

The first and simplest method is that you completely exit the Garena program, exit all things related to the game LoL game and wait 5 to 10 minutes and then proceed to log in again, although simple but here is the most appreciated and used trick by gamers.

Method 2: Use Task Manager

Step 1: First you press Right-Click (Right-Click) into any space on the bar Taskbar, choose Task Manager. Or you can use the key combination (press at the same time) Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
=> Reference 10 tips for using Task Manager.

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Step 2: At tab Processes you continue to right click on LOL Client, choose End task appears in the toolbar or click End task bottom corner.

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Step 3: The process is complete, reboot League of Legends above Garena. of Legends-54366n.aspx
Hopefully with the above 2 simple methods will help you to fix the error of Running game of League of Legends game, although simple, they are quite effective to solve this problem. Also if you encounter League of Legends DirectX Error then this is the fix. Wish you happy gaming.

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