Top 100 most powerful weapons in the game world (P3)

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Crowbar – Series Half-Life

Don’t understand how far Gordon Freeman would have gone without this magical weapon in Half-Life. As one of the legendary symbols of the gaming industry, the Crowbar or crowbar is always an image associated with the game series. FPS legendary.


Not crafted with crazy technology or carrying supernatural powers, this is simply a crowbar nothing more, nothing less. Yet throughout the early Half-Life versions, it was the only thing that kept Dr. Gordon Freeman alive. Although it can’t be compared in terms of the radius of the gun, it only takes one to get in range and one or two hits and most of the targets are on the way. In Half-Life, this is also a special weapon against bloodthirsty Headcrabs or Zombies..

Buster Sword – series Final Fantasy

Talk about Final Fantasy 7 We are talking about Cloud’s famous sword… Buster Sword. Carrying a grotesque shape with a length of nearly 2 meters and a width of more than 30 cm, the Buster Sword is indeed a giant weapon in anyone’s hand. But in fact, it possesses absolute power with a heroic past that ranks among the top in Final Fantasy’s treasure of magical weapons.


In fact, Cloud is not the first person to wield the Buster Sword, but Angeal Hewley – a legendary warrior of the Shinra corporation. The sword was cast by Angeal’s biological father to commemorate his recruitment into the ranks of SOLDIER, although his family had to borrow money from around the world to get a gift for his son. It was also because of that large amount of money that he had to work hard all his life, eventually fell seriously ill and died. With that pain, Angeal always cared deeply about the sword, considering it as a symbol of the memory of his father. For that reason, he almost never wields the Buster Sword, instead wielding a standard SOLDIER-issued sword.


When Angeal fell at the hands of his apprentice Zack Fair, the Buster Sword was given to Zack with the message to always protect your honor. And when it was Zack’s turn to fall to the Shinra army’s bullets, he handed the sword back to Cloud Strife with the last words…

Mark 2 Lancer – Gears of War series

When the Locus species swarmed from the earth and slaughtered a quarter of the population of the planet Sera, the human army still used the Mark 1 Lancer rifle. Carrying a bulky construction with a bayonet mounted below the barrel, the Mark 1 soon proved to be defeated by Locus’s advanced arsenal. Immediately, COG professor and colonel Adam Jonathon Fenix ​​offered the design for the Mark 2 Lancer – an almost radically improved version compared to the old one. In fact, it was Marcus Fenix ​​who gave the idea to his father when he watched his teammate Tai Kaliso use a chainsaw to split a Locus in half.


Along with many complaints from the military about the bayonet being unable to penetrate Locus armor, Adam decided to integrate the chainsaw into the Mark 2 Lancer model. In addition to the markedly improved melee ability, the Mark 2 also has less recoil than the Mark 1, not to mention the improved ammo stock per band. It is because of its superior ability that this gun has helped COG gain an advantage over Locus forces in countless battles and become a reliable friend of Marcus Fenix ​​throughout the length of 3 versions of Gears of War.


MA5B Assault Rifle – Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo has an extremely powerful arsenal, especially with human forces. However, one of the weapons that appeared first and carried influence throughout the length of Halo was the MA5B assault rifle. Originally the second version of the MA5 series of assault rifles, the MA5B is the typical equipment of infantrymen in Halo: Combat Evolved. MA5B is designed in the shape of a bullpub – ie both the barrel lock and the cartridge are located behind the trigger, reducing the size while ensuring the accuracy of the bullet.


Therefore, throughout the length of the first version, MA5B became the trusted weapon of the infantry in general and the Master Chief himself – a Spartan in particular. With absolute power, this gun can destroy most enemies in a medium range and is ready to blow up an Elite at close range. With armor-piercing bullets, MA5B is also ready to fight against the most stubborn targets. An interesting point is that the MA5B was born before the real-life F2000, contrary to the fact that many people believe that the artist Halo imitated the shape of this weapon.

Blades of Chaos – series God of War

Well, after many magical weapons, we finally come to the Blades of Chaos – the famous weapon of the war god Kratos. Forged in the darkest realms of Hell by Ares himself, Blades of Chaos brings hell licks over enemy bodies before sending them to dust. With the chain extending the blade to the arm, Blades of Chaos easily attacks in both near and far radius. This allows it to change depending on the battle situation, becoming an extremely diverse weapon in terms of fighting positions.


With a body as fierce as the user himself, it is also soaked with blood and tears throughout the length of God of War. It was the blade of the Blades of Chaos that took the life of Kratos’ wife and children in the frenzied bloodlust of the war god, and it was also the blade that killed Ares – his creator and then disappeared forever.


To be continued.

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