How to find treasures in Minecraft simple and fast

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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with an extremely large and diverse map, along with well-hidden treasure chests, players need to use judgment to be able to find treasures in Minecraft, have valuable items.

Treasures in Minecraft is a naturally generated loot chest. Buried treasures can be identified using the explorer map. How to find treasure in Minecraft is the fastest method for you to win and protect your base.

how to find treasure in minecraft

Guide to find treasures in Minecraft

Guide to find treasures in Minecraft

1. How to get treasure map in Minecraft

Minecraft is a vast 3D sandbox game, so finding the treasure map is not easy. So you should find a buried treasure map (or exploration map) instead through the following ways:

How to find fun in minecraft

– Purchase: You can buy an ocean explorer map for 13 emeralds and a compass at the apprentice level villagers.
+ In Java version: Each maker sells his own unique explorer map, pointing to the nearest location. Buying another explorer map from the same cartographer resulted in the same expedition map.
+ In the Bedrock version: A cartographer sells an expedition map pointing to the nearest location, regardless of whether it has been explored or previously mapped by another cartographer.
=> Therefore, the player needs to move the mapper around a bit for it to create a new exploration map.

How to find a match in minecraft

– Find:
+ Treasure maps created in underwater ruins or in shipwrecks. Shipwrecks, though a bit hard to find, will guarantee a treasure map.
+ Shipwrecks are created in quite a lot of underwater biomes so players just need to look around to find them or you can use the command/locate shipwreck to locate the shipwreck. it.

How to find a treasure chest in minecraft

2. Guide to finding treasure in Minecraft

– On the map, a white circle will indicate your current location and the X is where the treasure is buried. Just move towards the treasure – the top of the map is always North. Press the F3 key to open the info panel (Java) to see which direction your player is facing.

the fastest way to find treasure in minecraft

– Players can start digging when they reach the treasure. Treasure chests are mostly hidden around a few materials, depending on the location of the treasure.
+ In the Bedrock version, buried treasures are always created at segment 8 coordinates (out of 0 to 15) on the X and Z axes.
+ In the Java version, buried treasures are always generated at segment 9 coordinates (out of 0 to 15) on both the X and Z axes and always point east.

3. What does Minecraft treasure offer?

– Heart of the Sea: a rare item that can be crafted into a conduit. This is a lighthouse-like block that provides Conduction and attacks hostile mobs underwater.
– Chainmail armor pieces (Bedrock only): a special set of iron armor that cannot be crafted.

Through the above instructions, you can confidently start your adventure to find treasure in Minecraft. The search will certainly be difficult, you often have to dive into the water, there are some How to survive underwater in Minecraft that players need to catch if they don’t want to die.

Currently, Minecraft has versions on Android and iOS, if you are owning Android and iPhone devices, let’s download and play these versions. Minecraft for Android and Minecraft for iOSthen compare with the PC version to see if there is anything new or not.

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