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The best moments in Twitch Plays history

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Twitch Plays is a category created within by the Twitch community. In February 2014, the stream channel TwitchPlaysPokémon allows viewers to issue commands in chat to determine the next button pressed in Pokémon Red. The stream channel exploded, attracting 100,000 viewers at the same time and the number of attendees accounted for about 10%. The number of followers and participation increased to 55 million and 1.16 million respectively in this Pokémon Red game, which took about 255 hours to play. As you can see above, there are thousands of people giving orders to the character. It was chaos. It makes funny Pokémon names that move clumsy but fascinate its followers. And it succeeded step by step.

TwitchPlaysPokémon continues to apply the livestream chat system to play Pokémon games until today. After this success, other channels started creating games that allowed chat to join the game. Twitch chats played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Dark Souls, and even chess, overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. These are the best (but not necessarily successful) moments that Twitch chat has created.

As the first success story, we can’t help but mention TwitchPlaysPokémon. In nearly 300 hours of gameplay, TwitchPlaysPokémon has tasted all the bitterness in the game to get to the final battle. After several defeats, everyone in the chat instructed Red to defeat every member of the Elite Four. In the final challenge, Red meets his arch-rival Blue, which is a ‘tired’ match. Commands kept popping up on the screen, too fast to be read. Chat wants to constantly exchange Pokémon and use one of the two remaining items in Red’s bag. Professor Oak, shouting 100 times in a row, “Red! This is not the time to use this item!” Blue’s final Pokémon is Blastoise. Pokémon AA-j finally appeared on screen, knocking Blastoise down with a single Thundershock.

TwitchPlaysPokémon Drop Abby and Jay Leno

In the early days of TwitchPlaysPokémon, the game was controlled by an anarchy system. According to anarchy, every syntax in chat will be executed in order. Democracy was then introduced into the game, allowing viewers to vote on their next command a few seconds before the action started. Anarchy before it was superseded by democracy led to terrible mistakes.

While trying to remove a Pokémon from the storage system, chat accidentally dropped two key party members – nicknamed Abby and Jay Leno – into the forest, and was never seen again. Days later, despite the introduction of a democracy system, a group of people working together deliberately disrupted their voting chat, and forced Red to release up to 12 Pokémon. This event is known as Bloody Sunday, believed to be caused by the group of False Prophet Flareon and Bird Jesus. Fale Prophet and Bird Jesus are just the surface of some of the shock stories in TwitchPlaysPokémon that fans created to criticize this anarchy system.

The success of Dark Souls relies heavily on timing, so TwitchPlaysDark has changed the way chat controls the game. TwitchPlaysDark forces the game to pause after each action while chat votes for the next action. The tracking can be a bit slow, but the boss fights are still very intense. Near the end of the match against Ornstein and Smough, TwitchPlayDarks got stuck on Smoug’s oncoming attack. The chat bar is almost empty and Smough’s next attack means the character will die. Half the onlookers panicked while the other half shouted “just move forward!” When the game unpauses, TwitchPlaysDark goes straight into Smough’s critical phase, narrowly dodging Smough’s wide-area attack, and recovering enough to finish off Smough’s critical hit. In total, the character died 706 times to get here.

Unlike Dark Souls, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not a game you can pause to make a decision. The PUBG chat team led the character out of the safe zone. Obviously they knew they couldn’t beat a player, so TwitchPlaysBattlegrounds picked 1 AFK player. The character defeats this AFK with his fists. While the kill isn’t pretty, it’s the first live TwitchPlaysBattlegrounds has had.

Asylum Demon is a close match by TwitchPlaysDark. At the end of the battle, the chat decided to drink the last potion even though the ax was about to hit the face. Characters step back immediately, minimizing health loss. The character could not avoid the second slash, the chat quickly realized that he was in a ‘survival’ situation. Lying ‘flat’ on the ground, the 3rd attack flew out, and only deflected the character a few centimeters. Chat continued to throw fire at the boss to finish it but missed. The ax continued to fall. They don’t have the Estus Flask anymore. Chat decided to pull out his hand ax and stood in the direction of the boss’s slash. “Bump”, TwitchPlaysDark is close to the ground, but still has some blood. Chat also gave the final ax to the Asylum Demon and won an unwarranted victory.

Clawarcade is different from other Twitch Plays categories but still addictive. A streamer decided to buy an animal claw machine, fill it up with stuffed animals and let chat control it. Unlike other Twitch Plays channels, the claw machine accepts every command, instead of group voting.

To promote Pure Chess, Ripstone games challenged Twitch chat with chess grandmaster Simon Williams. Unlike other Twitch Plays channels, troop movements are controlled manually by Ripstone after the chat votes for the next move, instead of relying on chat bots. Although Simon won the match and match 2 while blindfolded, forced to remember the moves in his head, the chat team won the 3rd match to the amazement of many people.

We really think that TwichPlaysBattlegrounds can’t kill real people if they’re playing. But we were wrong. What we need is a squadron ready for battle. After getting bored of playing solo, TwitchPlaysBattlegrounds decided to switch to playing squad with other players. Teammates are great subjects to deal with. This was an accident, the PUBG chat (with the pan in mind) accidentally whipped a teammate while the team was moving to the safe zone. His teammates immediately fell to their knees. The other members of the team thought this was an unintentional act, so they concentrated on healing the member who had just knocked him down. After realizing what had just happened, the Twitch chat mercilessly executed the rest. Twitch killed the first person, after the second. The first victim, after healing, ran away before eating another pan to the head.

FishPlaysPokémon, imitating the successful TwitchPlaysPokémon idea. A fish named Grayson has been playing Pokémon Red for days. Unfortunately, Grayson wasn’t as successful as Twitch chat did. While not as successful as “Twitch Plays,” Grayson’s devotion to Pokémon Red is still worth mentioning.

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