How to play League of Legends for beginners

Indeed, when entering the game world of League of Legends, everyone feels very surprised. Because the game has so many types of champions that you do not know which champion to choose, do not know which path to choose, and when you should use the supplementary gems to improve your power?

But just playing for a while, learning the basics, and learning from other players’ experiences will help you improve your League of Legends gaming strategy. “Hundred or used manually” Keep playing for a long time, you will gain experience, quickly win victory over your opponent.

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Guide to playing the game League of Legends basic

First, you need to understand the common terms in the game to know what your friends are saying. In addition, also need to remember these shortcut keys, combination of shortcuts to control and manipulate in the game more quickly and effectively.

Common terms

  • AS (Attack Speed): Attack speed.
  • AD (Attack Damage): Physical damage.
  • AP (Ability Power): Power of magic.
  • CrC (Critical-strike Chance): Critical rate.
  • CrD (Critical-strike Damage): Critical damage.
  • ArP (Armor Penetration): Pierce.
  • MrP (Magic / MR Penetration): Magic resistance piercing.
  • HP5 (Heath-regen Per 5 seconds): Heals every 5 seconds.
  • MP5 (Mana-regen Per 5 seconds): Restores mana every 5 seconds.
  • EP5 (Energy-regen Per 5 seconds): Energy regeneration every 5 seconds.
  • CDR (Cooldown Reduction): Cooldown reduction.
  • MR (Magic Resist): Magical resistance.
  • MS (Movement Speed): Speed ​​of movement.
  • Farm: Action to destroy monsters to earn money.
  • Gank: Organized action to destroy enemy generals.

The role of the generals

Up to now, League of Legends game has 126 generals, each with its own strengths and is divided according to many different criteria. For new players, it will be difficult to choose the right champion for yourself, so you need to learn the role of the generals in the game carefully to use it effectively in the game:

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1. Gladiator (Bruiser / Fighter):

  • Has a lot of health, high damage, most of them are melee minions Urgot, Vladimir and Jayce.
  • Gladiators always find ways to penetrate deep in Combat to drain important generals on the enemy side.
  • Ability to block attacks in the team or support key champions.
  • Chess suitable for new players: Nunu, Mundo, Malphite.

Gladiator General

2. Mage in the middle of the road (Mage / AP Carry):

  • Mages often have priority in the mid lane to level up as quickly as possible and enjoy the blue buff.
  • Capable of dealing thousands of magic damage to one or more targets.
  • A mage general suitable for beginners is: Annie, Ryze.

Mage in the middle of the road

3. Assassin (Assassin):

  • Assassins are divided into 2 categories: Magic Assassin and Physical Assassin.
  • Possesses skills to shorten the distance or stealth.
  • Quickly destroy weak champions with huge damage.
  • Assassin Heroes are suitable for beginners: Evelynn, Katarina, Xin Zhao.


4. The main physical hero (AD Carry):

  • Possessing a skill to increase damage, increase attack speed.
  • These types of generals are very fragile, easy to die.
  • Decisive in the late game and usually farmed in the early stages.
  • The main physical hero is suitable for new players: Ashe, Sivir.

Main physical hero

5. General support (Support):

  • Possesses a recovery skill, creates a shield or increases damage and speed stats for allies.
  • Support heroes rarely depend on equipment.
  • General support suitable for new players: Soraka, Sona.

Supporting Heroes

6. Jungler Jungler:

  • Possesses skills to quickly clear monsters, have the ability to recover when jungle.
  • Infiltrate the enemy jungle and harass the enemy “Forest Man”.
  • Chess champions suitable for beginners: Warwick, Sejuani, Fiddlestick.
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Jungle hero

7. Tanker:

  • Has abundant health, very high armor and magic resist.
  • Usually at the forefront of Combat Combat.
  • Always has a technique to harass a very annoying enemy.
  • Champions suitable for beginners: Alistar, Amumu.

Blocking Champions

Performing the newcomer mission:

When you first play, you complete the requirements of the quest for beginners to receive a reward of 900 IP points, which can be used to buy generals, buy gems … Moreover, also receive a reward of King Rammus hero + skin worth 3,150 IP points.

Practice with the machine:

First need to complete 2 lessons Basic instructions and Practice practice in section Fighting -> Instructions. Then go to section Hit the machine, select the mode New to play / easy to practice getting used to. Training with the machine will help you master the basic skills, as a stepping stone for real matches in the future.

Practice with the machine

Prepare to enter the game

Each match will begin with the selection of champions. Each week there will be rotating generals for players to choose from. You can also purchase permanent champions with Blue Essence or by RP directly in the store. In the same team, you can’t choose a champion your teammates have chosen, so be quick. After picking the hero, make your next selection below the necessary gems and complementary spells and get ready for the game.

Get familiar with the positions:

Mastering the positions on the map, you will easily dispatch troops to fight properly:

  • Top line: For General Trash, Gladiator or a few Assassins, Gunners.
  • Median: Mid laners are mostly Mages or Assassins.
  • Bottom line: Usually split between both players as ADC and Support.
  • Going to the jungle: More diverse with the generals Blocking, Supporting and Gladiator.
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Get used to the positions

Identify important goals:

The first important goal is the turret because when the turret is successful the team will get 750 gold, when the turret is broken, the opponent will lose vision, trying to successfully destroy the enemy’s 1-2 towers.

The next target is dragons, dragons will bring your team the amount of gold 950 gold. Next, destroy the house or eat Baron to own 1,500 gold, the Baron charm is also an energy potion to help other Combat phases more advantageous.

Learn complementary gems

In addition to the skills and equipment, the generals in League of Legends are also strengthened through complementary gems. Each gem will have its own effects and are divided into 5 basic groups of gems:

  • Consistently: Table jade increased resistance.
  • Overwhelm: Gem Board for burst damage ability.
  • Exactly: The jade table increases attack power.
  • Magic: Gem table for optimal skill damage.
  • Inspired: Variety of customizable jade table.
Table of Magic Gem
Table of Magic Gem
Overwhelming jade table
Overwhelming jade table
Exact Jade Table
Exact Jade Table
Consistency jade table
Consistency jade table
Table of Inspiration
Table of Inspiration

Hopefully the above article will help you easily integrate with the LOL game world. In addition, you can refer to some of the following famous games: Empire, Minecraft, Raid

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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