Top 5 strongest Knight lineup in the Arena of Truth

The Teamfight Tactics is in a period of extremely strong development in terms of gameplay when there are many squads being used. Especially in the current Tactics Arena, the Knight system is emerging and is preferred by many players, below will be the top 5 squads combined with the strongest Knight in the Tactics Arena.

Knight is an extremely powerful and popular squad with the ability to block a lot of damage and the entire squad enjoys this effect. Having a formation with Knights will make the entire squad much more resilient. Strong squads combined with Knights will be the squads capable of dealing strong damage from the latter team.

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The strongest knight lineup in the Arena of Truth.

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The strongest knight squads in the Arena of Truth.

1. Empire Combination Knight.

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This is always the lineup that is in the top of the strongest squads in the Teamfight Tactics through many versions. The ability to deal strong damage from the Empire combined with the resistance of the Knight will make your squad have a perfect balance and will not be afraid of any squad at all. With this lineup, Draven will be the one to prioritize damage items and Swain and Sejuani, Katarina are the troops you should consider for owning energy items depending on the situation of the match.

2. Knights that combine Empire and Guardian.

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If the above squad is more prone to damage when dividing damage to other Empire troops, then this formation focuses on the sole goal of protecting Draven from being shot. This squad has a lot of resistance to formations that deal extremely good physical damage with the amount of armor from the guards and the amount of resistance from the Knights. In addition, the ability to cause control effects is extremely strong when Leona, Pantheon and Sejuani can immobilize the enemy squad and Draven is always the card with the strongest damage in the Arena of Truth.

3. Elemental Combination Knight.

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Unlike the formations above, Knights combined with Elemental will prioritize more magic damage. Having an extra Golem to withstand will also help the Elementals deal more damage. With this formation, you just need to get as many energy items as possible, if there are physical damage items, use them for Kennen to take advantage of the damage coming from the Ninja.

4. Knight and Gunner combination.

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Gunners are gradually emerging as one of the strong choices for main damage positions when the ADC’s wide area damage is not to be underestimated. With this lineup, Jinx will be given priority to damage items, especially Giant Slayer to be able to deal more damage to the enemy squad.

5. Void Combination Knight.

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Void with the addition of Kai’sa is a squad that possesses extremely strong standard damage and can penetrate any other squad. With this lineup Cho’gath and Kai’sa will be the two main damage dealers with true damage coming from the Void and the Knight lineup will provide a lot of resistance for Kai’sa to be able to. Feel free to fly in the enemy squad.

Note when playing the Knight squad.

Prioritize taking spoons to combine on Knight’s Oath, owning this equipment helps you to better customize your squad and can reach the power threshold faster when 6 Knights are almost twice as strong as 4 Knights.
Above are the strong formations when you play the knight squad, you can see more Powerful Level 8 Rush Tactics in the Arena of Truth here.

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