How to equip weapons in the game Crossfire Legends (CF Mobile)

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Before participating in any battle in Crossfire Legends (CF Lengends), players should also check their equipment to ensure that they have chosen and used the most powerful weapons. For each player character, the player can equip, should equip at least two backpacks with two different weapons.

Because it is a first-person shooter game, before discussing skills, experience, reflexes … it is important that everyone knows, that is the character’s weapon. A powerful weapon, suitable for players, will help them feel more confident, play better and win more easily.

The following article will guide you how to get weapons for characters in this Mobile Raid game.

Equip weapons in the game CF Mobile

Step 1: You launch the game and log in Mobile Raid account to enter and play as usual.

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, left-click Warehouse icon to enter weaponry.


Step 3: A list of weapons currently in stock will appear. You choose the card Weapons, click on the item Handbag at the bottom of the character model. Here you will see that each character in CF Legends will have a maximum of 5 backpacks and currently, individual writers only have two. Touch No. 1 or No. 2 To choose a backpack, you need to equip a weapon.

Select Bag and number (position) of the backpack to be equipped with a weapon

Step 4: Want to use any weapon, just left click on Equipment corresponding to that weapon.


Or you can choose Remove to put the weapon in your backpack and replace it with another weapon. A faster way is for weapons of the same type, instead of selecting Disassemble and Retool, simply click on Equip in the other weapon box to replace.

For example:

Characters are armed with guns M4A1-Ultimate Gold, touch Equipment in the weapon box MG3-Perfect Silver for replacement without any Disassembly.


Want to know what features the weapon you choose, or how to know which weapon is more powerful, just left click on the weapon’s image. A detailed interface of such weapon parameters appears as below. Maybe you know:

  • Weapon Name: MG3-Perfect Silver.
  • Location: Bag (backpack) number 1.
  • Used Time: Permanent or as shown in the photo, it is still available for 1 day and 9 hours.
  • Price: 118 diamonds (only used for 7 days).
  • Damage: Attack level on the opponent.
  • Exactly: The ability to shoot accurately, eccentricity.
  • Speed: The rate of fire of the bullet.
  • Penetration: Cross-border, wall-to-wall …
  • Lightness: The mass of the weapon.
  • Stability: Vibrate when shooting, shoot when moving …
  • Replace bullets: Time to change bullets.
  • Quantitybullet: Number of bullets in a tape.

Weapon details
Details about a weapon

Step 5: With other weapons like pistols (pistols), daggers or grenades, we do the same as above.


Additional grenades for the character:

Usually, by default, each character has only one grenade. But we can see at this position that each backpack has up to 3 cells. This means that with the other 2 unchecked boxes, we can add grenades to the character, just left click on it.

List of weapons

A list of grenades appears, each grenade has different names, features, prices and “expressions”. There are smoke grenades, explosive grenades, candy grenades, fireworks grenades … .

Additional grenades
A list of grenades is available in the Shop and its price

Just as with guns, touch grenade icon there for details.


After equipping military backpack 1, left-click on number 2 and do the same as above to equip this backpack.

Backpack 2

You can also recognize which weapons have been used and located in which backpack through icons.

  • Weapons have been used: Display Remove.
  • Weapon position: Icon Bag 1, Bag 2.

Gun sight

In addition, it is possible to touch arrow icon on the right edge of the screen to display a list of weapons by each type.

Classification system

Once equipped, we can enter Play game Crossfire Legends and compete against other opponents by choosing one of the four play systems below.


During the game, you will receive a lot of weapons with different features, usage and attack. Please consider carefully before deciding to use or not to use a weapon.


  • If you have two or more backpacks, you should equip them with two weapons with different attack ranges (for example, a rifle and a sniper rifle) to be flexible. Destroy the enemies and fight more diverse.
  • If you do not know, not used to Snpier (sniper rifles, shotguns) you can equip more machine guns, because in many maps where players can change backpack, it will be very beneficial if you can shoot up to 4 guns, 2 grenades …
  • Weapons with words forever Below is the weapon that will follow the player for life, not be revoked.
  • Weapons with a specific time display are “hired” weapons and after the expiration period below, they will automatically disappear from the backpack, no longer usable.

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