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The Sims FreePlay is life simulation game like real famous in the world. It takes you to a virtual world in which you perform certain quests to receive LP (Life Points) and money (Simoleons) after completing and starting to build lives. You will be encouraged to start your career, develop personal interests, create relationships, have children, raise … in the vast The Sims community.

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If you are interested in this game, the following article will introduce some Tips that bring advantages to building life in The Sims FreePlay are effective and easy than.

Get rich from garden

Plant a garden to make money

Gardening is one of the best ways to earn bonuses early on in the game. A Sim character can add plots of land to his garden to plant more crops, helping Sim to earn Simeleons and XP points. XP points increase over time and help your character progress to higher levels in the game. As you level up, you will have access to more opportunities such as adding Sims, buildings, facilities … to your town.

When gardening, you should pay attention to the price of the varieties before planting. More cultivars can be purchased cheaper at the grocery store if it is already built. In addition, your Sim will still earn points even when you’re not actually playing. So, before going to bed in the evening, let all existing Sims garden.

Be careful with “genetically modified” vegetable seeds, because they act like a “gamble”. Sometimes they grow correctly, but sometimes they turn into a mutant and Sim will need to “negotiate” with the mutation to get rid of it.

A new feature of the game is called Simoleon Sprout and every 4 hours your Sim has a chance to earn extra money! Simply click on any garden to play Simoleon Sprout, or spend 5 LPs playing more often.

Build towns and find jobs

Build towns and find jobs

You must build businesses and malls in town to get a job for Sim. Job opportunities include: scientist, artist, teacher, politician, athlete, firefighter, musician, actor and real estate agent. The Sims FreePlay provides an option to build a career shop, in which you can purchase special items that will give Sim more career experience.

Examples include: a teacher’s chalkboard, an artist easel, and an auction podium for real estate agents. You can choose a different career for each Sim and as they gain experience they will reach higher levels, each with a different name for each position level. The higher your career level, the more XP and Simoleons you can earn while commuting every day.

This is a great way to upgrade in the game, and you can use the Simoleons you earn to build towns, buy furniture, or buy other items for your Sim.

You will see the XP and Simoleon logo on homes and businesses every day. Hence, check your town regularly to collect all these bonus points by clicking on the flashing blue and green circles.

Materials to build buildings and buildings may increase in price, but with that you will also gain experience and upgrades. Mail sent daily will report the bonus amount according to the value of your town, so the more your town grows, the higher your regular daily money will be.

Hobby and competition center

Hobby and competition center

You can choose Sim preferences according to age: adolescents, teenagers and adults. Teen hobbies include ballet, karate, diving, and figure skating. Of course the corresponding buildings for each hobby must be built. You will need to build a community center for ballet or karate performances, an ice rink for figure skating and a diving center for diving.

If you use the “boat party” option in the game, you can develop these preferences in another Sim town (this happens when you connect the Sim game with your friends on Facebook). Adult interests include Ghost Hunter, fishing, fashion design, diving, furniture making, and figure skating. One of the easiest hobbies is fishing, just take your Sim to the park and click Pier. Over time, your Sim practices hobbies, then becomes an expert and will earn a lot of XP.

Teenagers have preference options like Teen Idol, figure skating, and diving. When exercising a hobby, Sim will gain medals or achievements, raise bonuses and collect keys to open other paths in the game. For example, when the player skates, Sim wins all medals, it will have the key to unlock the sled at the snow park.

The competition center organizes daily competitions on hobbies and jobs, lasting 24 hours. After building the competition center, click on it to see announcements such as the fishing contest today … If you win the contests, you will have more LP to buy items. Or use LP to advance in game.

Use LP wisely

New Mysterious Island

One of the ways to use LP – hard-earned bonuses is to buy pets. Each house can raise 2 pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits or reindeer. These animals can make you more money by digging. The higher the price of the pet, the faster it will be found and the more money.

If you want to quickly complete a task, you can use the LP to complete it immediately, for 1 LP per hour. LP is required to purchase special items, wedding rings, and birthday cake.

It is important in the game that you have to fully meet the basic needs of the Sim. But if in pinch state, you can choose cupcake located in the lower left corner of the Sim face icon. By choosing a cupcake, you will spend 5LP to immediately fulfill the basic needs of the Sim. However, this is only an option when it is urgent. If the house is fully equipped with a refrigerator, bed, toilet, shower … then it only takes you a little time to meet the Sim’s needs.

Earn more XP and Simoleons

Interacting Sims with each other

In addition to getting XP and Simoleons by sending Sims to work or school, another way is if there are many Sims in town and they are close friends, then perform positive actions between them such as hugging or taking actions. Interesting activities that best friends do together. Interacting your Sim character with other Sims earns more money and XP. One of the latest updates of this game is recently Mysterious island Allows players to add more land to build and have temples to earn more money.

Thus, for an entertaining game, The Sims FreePlay can meet the highest requirements from players. With Sim, you are like entering a dream world with real life jobs. Do not hesitate to download and experience this interesting game.

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