How to enter cheat codes for GTA Vice City game extremely fast

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GTA Vice City in particular or Grand Theft Auto street robber series in general is an open game, with unlimited gameplay and gameplay, not the first version, but Vice City is appreciated and can be considered. the most successful in this extreme role-playing game series. Contributing significantly to the success of the game as well as helping players discover and experience the game better is the cheat code system that once instructed not long ago.

Instead of having to manually enter each rather long and complicated command that sometimes makes us confused, in the article below is a little tip that we may not notice but extremely effective, helping players use GTA game cheat codes quickly and conveniently.

How to enter the GTA cheat code from a computer


You access the game as usual, at the main screen when the game is displayed, click key ~ as shown in the picture above. At this point on the computer screen a small command window will appear for us to fill in the corresponding commands that we want to use, then Enter to execute the command.

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When the command is successfully executed, the machine will notify the user by sound or line Cheat Code Enabled. This activation and input cheat code can be used with any other version of the game on the computer. In addition to entering cheat codes on the computer, if you are also playing GTA on other systems, players can also enter the code according to the instructions on the page of

How to type off cheat codes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

First, to be able to implement this approach, we need:

Once the preparations are done, we begin to do the following:

Step 1: Start the Vietnamese typing tool Unikey, click Extend.


Step 2: In the item Shortcut options, tick on Allow shortcut and Allow shortcut even when off Vietnamese. Then click select on the Shortcut Table.

Allows shortcut

If you’re on an older version of Unikey, just do tick Enable shortcut then choose on the Shortcut Table.

Type off

Step 3: This is the interface where we will use shortcuts to replace the messy commands of GTA Vie City. Proceed as follows:

  • By: Enter here the original GTA command line to create a shortcut.
  • Replace: Enter a phrase that will be used in the game instead of the old command (can also use uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers …).

For example: want to shortcut for full armor command: PRECIOUSPROTECTION. Enter the full command in the By box, and then select the GIAP shortcut in the Replace box.

Enter the command and the alternate word for keyboard shortcuts and then select Add

After adding, commands and keyboard shortcuts will be moved to the table below, select next Click Save to finish.


Repeat the above steps (from step 2) to continue entering more commands if desired.

Complete entering cheat code

In addition, Unikey also allows us to remove false and mistaken commands by selecting the command, then clicking on Erase to perform.

Delete an order

Just spend a little time to create shortcuts for cheat codes in the game GTA Vice City that we can save a lot of time and play the game more effectively.

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Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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