Attractive free platform games for Windows

Platform game can be said to be one of the oldest video games but has yet to lose its appeal. Here are these great platform game, is rated for on Windows for you to experience when you have free time.

The platform game genre holds some of the highest-rated games of all time. But even if you are not experiencing those masterpieces, there are tons of fun to play. When you need some time to rest and want to run, jump freely like a silly character that is equally cute and avoid all dangers while collecting items such as gold, coins, diamonds, then conquer the top title platform game Fascinating free for the following Windows that you can even play offline if you want.

Addictive platform games for Windows

Control a character

1. Dave in Danger

Dave in Danger

Based on the original Dangerous Dave game from 1988, Dave in Danger Take you to an adventure in search of a key. Collect valuable gems, jump through gaps filled with hot lava, and capture the key. Then, head for the door to move to the next level before you run out of 5 lives. With funk music and vintage-style graphics, you’ll get retro-style fun moments with Dave in Danger.

2. Jack N ‘Jill

Jack N 'Jill

Meet this famous couple again in a gray world full of obstacles Jack N ‘Jill. You move Jack with the one-button play as he searches for Jill. Once started, Jill will keep running and you have to make him jump over obstacles and avoid enemies. Find real love and you can move on to the next level.

3. Jack N’s Jill 3D

Jack N's Jill 3D

If you love Jack N ‘Jill, but want to experience it with colorful graphics then give it a try. Jack N ‘Jill 3D. The gameplay is similar to the regular Jack N ‘Jill version to control Jack’s jump. Follow the arrows to find Jill, collect coins along the way and watch out for enemies and deadly holes. For a charming story spanning 60 levels, Jack N ‘Jill 3D is a cute and colorful platform game.

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4. Greedy Raddit

Greedy Raddit

Rabbits love carrots and in the first’s world Greedy RabbitCarrots are what you must be looking for. Collect those delicious vegetables, collect the stars and jump to the gate to move on to the next level. After that you can upgrade to the world with higher level vegetables like tomatoes and cabbage. Each world consists of 15 challenging levels and Greedy Rabbit is a fun and relaxing game.

5. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash platform game

Do you remember the super-speed hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon? If your childhood was in the ’90s, surely you are no stranger to it. Great platform game Sonic Dash revolves around the characters from this popular cartoon. You can use Dash action to have your character run fast, destroy obstacles and kill enemies that block the way on every level.

Run through the wild

6. Lep’s World

Lep's World

Lep’s World is the first candidate of this wild world series with tons of exciting events. You are a goblin on a gold quest in a colorful world filled with coins and enemies. The game has a play style like Super Mario BrosYou collect coins, jump up and down the platforms, and go towards the rainbow. You can crush enemies by bouncing them or knocking them down with wild chestnuts you picked up along the way. There are 6 different worlds in Lep’s World with 112 levels and 9 types of enemies to conquer.

7. Croc’s World 3

Croc's World 3

If you want to be a crocodile rather than a goblin, jump over Croc’s World 3 right. You can choose to be Croc crocodile or kangaroo Roodie in this 2 themed adventure. Run, jump, swim and reach the finish line. But remember to pick up diamonds for more lives along with other items to help you defeat the enemy and overcome all difficulties in the journey.

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With 60 fascinating levels, tons of dangerous enemies and 4 bosses to defeat, Croc’s World 3 is truly an addictive adventure.

8. Jump Kong Hero Craft World

Jump Kong Hero Craft World

When you are not in the mood to be a crocodile or a goblin, be the cunning Qi Thien Dai Thanh Jump Kong Hero Craft World. With 5 worlds, you will cross the mountains and the sky with a total of 36 levels. Carry a stick of the Will for defense, you can defeat all enemies to run and jump to the finish line. Jump Kong Hero Craft World is a fun and colorful platform game with a vivid theme.

9. Tower of Elements

Tower of Elements

Summon your magical powers like an apprentice hunter in Tower of Elements. In this unique platformer, you have to move through each room inside the tower in search of doors. To get there, you use the elements ice, fire, wind, and earth. Watch out for the inhabitants because you can’t hurt them, but they’ll definitely hurt you.

For a mysterious platform game, Tower of Elements offers five different dungeons and 50 levels to challenge you.

10. Treasure Maze

Treasure Maze

Become the king and find the treasure lost in Treasure Maze. Collect gold and gems to receive diamonds in exchange for weapons. Attack enemies by climbing ladders and ropes, pushing boxes and crates and finding your way through the maze to reach the treasure. Then, drag the Treasure Cracker tool to see what’s inside that valuable chest. Treasure Maze has unique graphics and offers fun challenges across 32 engaging levels.

Puzzle-type platform game

11. Poly and the Marble Maze

Poly and the Marble Maze

If you’re looking for something more than usual in a platform game then Poly and the Marble Maze is a great choice. With stunning graphics, you guide marbles through angled platforms, collecting gems. Approach the flag and move on to the next level, but make sure you plan your moves in a smart strategy and ahead of time. Poly and the Marble Maze has a simple gameplay with great visuals and attractive soundtrack.

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12. Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze is a platform game with simplified but amazing graphics. What makes this game stand out among other similar games is that you have to move the ball to its destination by making it jump over challenges. But the problem is that there are no jump buttons. As a result, you’ll have to make the smiley roll to speed it up, jump, and then slide into the target.

Consider your moves carefully and enjoy 40 levels in this exciting Super Bounce Ball Maze 2D game.

13. Rolling Sky 3D

Rolling Sky 3D

For those who want a challenge that combines platform game and puzzle, give it a try Rolling Sky 3D. This game has a simple gameplay, but the gameplay is attractive but easy. As the ball rolls on a platform in the sky, you must steer it left and right to avoid any obstacles while collecting gems without falling off the path. If you’re ready to test your skills and reflexes, give Rolling Sky 3D a try.

Sports platform game

14. Toon Cup 2018

Toon Cup 2018

Toon Cup 2018 platform game is a game about football with favorite cartoon characters from a series of animated movies. Optionally choose any character in Powerpuff Girls, Regular Show, Teen Titans, Time, Ben 10, Gumball and set up a dream team. After that, compete with opponents to earn coins. The more coins you earn, the closer you will win.

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