How to earn more Rally Tickets in the game Super Mario Run

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Rally Tickets, also known as Rally tickets, is a very rare and difficult item to find in the Super Mario Run game. Since it’s not a card-reload game, we can’t earn more Rally Tickets this way. Fortunately, however, there is another minigame in the game, which can help players earn Rally Tickets for free.

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In the game Super Mario Run there are three game modes, in which there are two modes that require the functionality of this item to be able to participate, that is:

  • Toad Rally: Directly need Rally tickets to play.
  • Kingdom Builder: Indirect. Use Rally Tickets to play Toad Rally – win – get rewarded – get that reward to play Kingdom Builder.

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Therefore, it can be seen that the level of Rally Tickets is extremely important. But also quite luckily, it is in Kingdom Builder mode that we will have a chance to receive Rally Tickets for free if we are lucky.

How to get more Rally Tickets for free

Step 1: You access Kingdom Builder mode and build yourself a Mini game house. When you use and enter this mode for the first time, the system will automatically guide you.

Step 2: Use Place to find building location for the game.

Step 3: Tap on that house (house with red star shape) or another colored star (depending on which Toad you chose when you first started playing the game).


Only when the house is big, will this feature take effect. When it is small, it means that the recovery time is not over.

Main interface Place to participate in Mini game
This building needs to be built to be able to earn Rally tickets

From level 1 to 2 will cost quite a bit Toad, we can almost upgrade immediately. Then choose Yes At the next announcement to participate in the mini game.

Level up Select Yes

Step 4: We also have about 90 seconds to enter the game. No obstacles, no turtles and ghost mushrooms, only gold coins and different doors for you to choose from. Each choice will directly affect your results and cannot be undone.

Start playing Bonus chest
Your initial choice will affect 50% of your results

There are 2 doors, each door divides into 2 paths, at the end of each street is a gift chest. So we have 2×2 = 4 gift chests. And only 2 of those 4 chests contain Rally Tickets, however, that rate is also 50% (pretty tall) already.

Get rewarded Reward
Need to wait 8 hours between each game

At the end of each game, we need to wait 8 hours before we can play next time. And at this time, the house will automatically shrink, not usable.

Wish you all success!

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