How to get Wukong Ramen Man Arena of Valor skin for free

In the latest event of Arena of valor, players will have the opportunity to get the ultimate Wukong Ramen Man skin for free. What are you waiting for, let find out now how to get this unique Wukong costume for free in Arena of Valor.

General Wukong In League of Legends Mobile has received its latest skin, Ramen Man or also known as Wukong Little Wukong. This costume has a very impressive design, which may make players think that they will have to spend money to buy. That’s only partially true if you want to evolve the skin for a nice effect.

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How to get Wukong Ramen in Mobile League for free

Wukong’s Ramen Man skin upgrade is similar to Cybercore Nakroth when you need to “evolve” the skin multiple times using the store-bought Evolution Stone, to get all its unique features and effects. . If you don’t want to spend money on costume evolution, you get the original version of the Ramen Man skin for free, which is essentially a skin without any special effects by completing quests in the latest event. by Arena of Valor.

How to get Wukong Ramen Man Arena of Valor skin for free

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To get the Child Wukong Nhi Ba Dao outfits for free, you need to join our latest event Arena of valorwhere you play as Ramen Man Wukong and go head to head with thugs at every turn around the neighborhood. At first you will lose, but when you perform daily quests such as logging in a game or completing a 5v5 match, you will receive experience points that can be used to level up the skills of Ramen Man Wukong. By completing these simple tasks, you will have a greater chance of defeating those thugs. After successfully defeating 6 thugs, you will receive a basic level Ramen Man Wukong skin.

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The mission of the event is quite simple and since this is the skin that the game gives away, this event is a golden opportunity for Wukong players or even any player to receive free skins.

Link download Arena of Valor for Android and iPhone:

=> Link Download Arena of Valor for iPhone

=> Link Download Arena of Valor for Android
Above is how to get Wukong Ramen Man Arena of Valor skin for free. When looking at the number of skins that require players to buy with real money in the game, both literally and figuratively free players need to seize this opportunity to get the remaining free skins in the game.

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