How to get free Diamonds in Forge of Empires

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Diamond or diamond is a premium currency in a strategy game Forge of Empires, which can be purchased with real money and used to spend on most aspects of the game such as buying high-end buildings, missing blueprints, merchandise or speeding up construction. Here, will share with you some ways to earn free Diamonds in Forge of Empires without using real money.

Forge of Empires is a strategy game that requires a lot of patience and time. To progress in the game, you will need to hoard coins, supplies, FP, and goods. These resources, under normal circumstances, will take months to accumulate, but game makers give you the opportunity to buy diamonds with real money to speed up your progress.

cach nhan kim cuong mien phi in forge of empires

Guide to get free diamonds in Forge of Empires

Buying diamonds can be quite expensive, which has led many players to find ways to get diamonds for free. Luckily, the game developer has also created a number of hidden quests that will reward players with these very coveted diamonds.

How to get free Diamonds in Forge of Empires

1. Guild Expeditions Guild Expeditions

Guild Expeditions is a cross-platform collaboration feature where you and your teammates fight side by side in a number of battles for your own rewards and guild strength. This is one of the main supplies of diamonds for a lot of players. In the first 3 stages of the guild expedition, players can get a diamond reward from every 4th chest.

Cach face non-metallic cuong in forge of empires

The chance of getting 10 to 100 diamonds is 5-25%. The chance and the number of diamonds increase with the difficulty of the game screen. Level 4 has 4 chests with a 50% chance of getting 25 or 50 diamonds in each chest and 2 chests with a 50% chance of getting 50 or 100 diamonds.

2. Complete the mission

diamonds free in forge of empires

Recurring quests, event quests, story missions, and side quests with random rewards can be diamonds. The chance of earning diamonds is about 1%. However, the player can only earn diamonds once for each different quest. That means that when a player receives diamonds on a recurring quest, they won’t get a chance to get diamonds on completing the same quest for the second time.

3. Construction of special works

Some buildings specifically reward you with free diamonds such as Wishing Well, Little Wishing Well, Fountain of Youth and Little Fountain of Youth. They produce different types of resources and goods that can be collected every 24 hours, as well as giving you the chance to receive 50 diamonds.

You can collect items from Hedge Maze every 12 hours and also have a chance of getting 50 gems. For each of these buildings, the probability for diamonds was about 1% for each collection. In addition, Crow’s Nest level 8 provides items every 24 hours and you can get 25 diamonds with a 5% chance.

4. Build great Great Buildings

Great Buildings are special buildings inspired by world history, which can be built to greatly benefit the player.

The Château Frontenac is a great work of the Progressive Era, increasing the rewards obtained from completing quests by a certain percentage. At level 10, the Château Frontenac provides an additional 150% bonus. This great building is a good way to increase the number of diamonds you get from quests.

Kim cuong cachet in forge of empires mien phi

Seed Vault gives players the chance to randomly receive various resources while helping other players. There is about 1% chance that the resource is diamond.

Blue Galaxy gives players the opportunity to double resources when collecting from other buildings. Therefore, the player needs to obtain the special buildings mentioned above first. Note, however, that the chances of getting diamonds from those special buildings are very low, and Blue Galaxy does not guarantee to always double the diamonds you receive.

Himeji Castle offers various rewards to the player after winning battles. In it, you have 1% chance of getting 50 diamonds similar to Space Carrier.

5. Conquer the lands on the continent map

You will receive diamonds when you successfully conquer certain areas on the continental map.

cach lay kim cuong in forge of empires

6. Invite your friends to play the game

You receive diamonds when you invite others to play Forge of Empires. To do that, simply send an invite link to your friends. Note that the invited player must use that link to register for an account and must play the same world as the person who invited them. You can remove invited players from your friends list and still get diamonds. For each newly invited, they will be rewarded with diamonds upon reaching a certain era. The following reward:

– 50 diamonds when unlocking Iron Age.

– 100 diamonds when unlocking Early Middle Ages.

– 250 diamonds when unlocking Late Middle Ages.

– 750 diamonds when unlocking Progressive Era.

– 1,000 diamonds when the Contemporary Era is unlocked.

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Diamonds can be used for many different things in Forge of Empires like expanding cities, buying resources, buildings and special items …, but diamonds are difficult to find. Therefore, you need to make a reasonable spending plan.
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